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The mission of our network is to train and equip churches, ministries, and individuals to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ
with women in the adult entertainment industry.  
Greater Cincinnati Established 2012
Reno, Nevada Established 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada Established 2018


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Have you been feeling burdened for exploited women currently working in the adult entertainment industry of your city?  Do you think God is calling you to take a bold step of faith to minister to these women but don’t know where to start? While our first priority has always been to help women in the adult entertainment industry of Louisville, KY, we at Scarlet Hope also have a deep desire to assist and walk alongside men and women all across the country as they minister to the women in their hometowns.  We know the challenges, struggles, and fears that come with this kind of ministry, and we long to see God build up bold, effective, Christ-centered ministries all across the country.

At this jam-packed three-day event, you will be trained by Scarlet Hope founder and director, Rachelle Starr, as well as other Scarlet Hope staff members.  You will take home dozens of valuable training materials, applications, and other helpful paperwork we have created over the years. You will get the opportunity to tour our offices and you will dine at our social enterprise, Scarlet’s Bakery.  Finally, you will get real hands-on experience as you participate in our Street Outreach and Strip Club Outreach alongside our team of volunteers.

It is our hope that by the time you leave us on Saturday, your questions will be answered, your mission will be clear, and you will be ready to follow God into some of the darkest places in your city to share the Light of Jesus Christ with the women working there.



9:00 AM | Welcome
10:00 AM | Training
12:00 PM | Lunch at Scarlet’s Bakery
1:00 PM | Tour of Facilities
3:00 PM | Outreach Training
4:00 PM | Street Outreach
6:00 PM | Dinner
7:00 PM | Break
8:00 PM | Strip Club Outreach


10:00 AM | Training
12:00 PM | Lunch
1:00 PM | Training
3:00 PM | Break
5:00 PM | Dinner & Fellowship


9:00 AM | Debrief
11:00 am | Dismissal



We will provide housing at our Scarlet Hope House for two nights (Th-Fri).
*Men may attend the training but will have to find their own lodging and will not be allowed to participate in Strip Club Outreach.


We will provide 4 meals during your stay. You will have a break on Friday evening to go off-site to enjoy a local restaurant. We have several to recommend!


Topics to be covered:
Strip Club Outreach
Street Outreach
Volunteer Coordination
Meal Preparation
Gift Preparation
Trauma-Informed Care
Resource Development


We will provide you with many resources for you to take home! We want to set you up for success, so we will share our processes/policies, training handbook, and more!