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Est. 2007

Louisville, KY

Where it all began! Louisville is our largest site and serves as our model for replicating to new cities. Our efforts in Louisville include weekly strip club and massage parlor outreach, text outreach, weekly bible study and case management, drop-in resource center, and a job training program.

Est. 2009


Originally founded in Greater Cincinnati, this site is currently in the process of expanding to Columbus and Dayton. Ohio's adult entertainment industry exists primarily online, so we will be focusing our efforts on text outreach to reach women online and connect them to care.

Est. 2013

Reno, NV

Nevada is known for having the largest sex industry per capita in America with prostitution being legal in parts of the state. There are brothels located just a few miles outside of Reno's city limits which is a unique opportunity for our team. We have been serving the clubs in Reno since 2013 and recently opened a resource center to offer a discipleship program for women.

Est. 2018

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas has a reputation for its large sex industry and has thousands of tourists every day. It has one of the most difficult environments for our ministry, but also the most opportunity. We have been focused on strip club outreach, street outreach, and connecting women to care.

Est. 2019

Nashville, TN

Nashville is home to 65+ adult entertainment industry establishments, including increasingly popular swinger sex clubs. Since 2019, we have been serving in the strip clubs and building relationships with the women there. In 2021, we opened a resource center and recently launched text outreach to reach more women!

Est. 2020

Miami, FL

Miami has the largest industry presence of all of our sites employing an estimated 25,000 people. Florida is the 3rd highest ranking for human trafficking cases in the U.S. with 67% of victims located in Miami-Dade. This presents a huge opportunity for our team. Currently, we are serving women in strip clubs, at our resource center, and through Text Outreach.

Est. 2022

Denver, CO

Denver has 17 strip clubs and we've identified 10,000+ potential victims being sold for sex online within its city limits. We are building trust with the clubs and focused on growing our outreach efforts.

Est. 2022

Orlando, FL

When you think of Orlando, you might think of Disney or Universal, but unfortunately, because of the 60 million visitors Orlando attracts every year, sexual exploitation and trafficking is all-around. We are in the process of launching this site to reach women with the hope of the gospel.

Est. 2022

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is ranked 2nd for its number of active human trafficking cases per capita in America. We've identified 12,000+ potential victims being sold for sex online and 113 adult entertainment industry establishments within city limits. We are in the process of launching this site, but have already had the opportunity to serve women in the clubs. This city is ripe for harvest!

Est. 2023

Los Angeles, CA

San Fernando valley was deemed the porn capital of the world. We estimate there are 46,000+ potential victims of online exploitation in LA and we are building a team of Digital Missionaries to reach them!

Est. 2024

Dallas, TX

Dallas is home to 34+ strip clubs and 100,000+ potential victims being sold for sex online. The saying goes, "Everything is bigger in Texas" and sadly, the prevalence of sexual exploitation and trafficking is no exception. The need is huge and we are excited to officially launch our ministry in Dallas this year!