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Join our community of monthly givers to share hope + bring love to women in the adult entertainment industry across the U.S.

Scarlet’s Circle is changing lives

We believe the cure to hopelessness is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For women who feel trapped in lifestyles of exploitation, they need to know there is another way. Bringing gospel hope to the adult entertainment industry requires consistently showing up and faithfully loving the women we serve throughout their journey to restoration.

Consistent, faithful givers like you make this possible.

Scarlet’s Circle is a community of monthly givers on a mission to share the hope and love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry. Your monthly donation gives hope to exploited & trafficked women around the U.S. and helps them live out their God-given potential.

Membership Benefits

We know you’re not in it for the perks, but as a member of Scarlet’s Circle, you’ll receive:

Insider News

We'll send you a monthly email report to share the impact you're having!

Special Offers

You'll receive special offers for merchandise in our online store.

Circle Events

You'll be invited to exclusive events to connect with our team and others on mission with you.

BIG Impact

Best of all, you'll have that good feeling knowing that you are making a difference!

What They’re Saying

Scarlet Hope has grown so much and so many lives have been touched by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a world where no one would have ever dared to go. I’m really blessed that God chose little ole me to be a part of His plan as I got to sit front row to something absolutely beautiful unfold for so long.

Brittany Lurresse EmersonMonthly Donor

We desire to see lost women (and men!) be rescued and given hope through the love of Jesus Christ. That is the driving force of why we support this ministry–the stories of lives and families being restored in our community is never lost on us. We love Scarlet Hope!

Scott & Jenny GodthaabMonthly Donor

We are proud to support our daughter's ministry, but primarily because of the lives it touches on behalf of Christ whose names we will never know. It isn’t lost on us that each woman impacted by the ministry of SH should feel loved the way our daughter is, because they are.

Jim & Amy MitchellMonthly Donor

We love Scarlet Hope! My husband and I were both very intrigued when we first learned about the ministry. I became an outreach volunteer and served faithfully for two years until we moved away. We continue to give monthly to help sustain the life-changing Gospel work that is happening in the clubs and through the various other components of the ministry. By including the gift in our monthly budget and setting up autopay we are able to give more annually with little effort. And we know it blesses Scarlet Hope to know they can count on us each month.

Matthew & Charity AbateMonthly Donor

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