Hope for Kids Back To School Bash

Our back to school party for the kids of Scarlet Hope was a huge success! Through partners in the community, we were able to provide more than a dozen backpacks filled with school supplies to children ages 3-15. The kids started school with crayons, binders, paper, pencils and so much more.

Not only did the children receive school supplies, but we had a blast throwing a super hero themed party.  We played games and made super hero crafts.

Our Hope for Kids program is one of the most amazing parts of our ministry.  Every week while their moms are in bible study and support group, the children of Scarlet Hope hear stories from the bible, play games and do crafts, and are shown the love of Jesus Christ by our amazing volunteers.  Most of the children in our program have mothers who did not have the same kinds of opportunities as these kids are getting, and it is our prayer that God will use Scarlet Hope to break cycles of abuse, poverty, and generational sin.

We are so incredibly grateful to all of our volunteers and partners who make things like our Back to School Bash possible, and we are especially thankful to our Hope for Kids volunteers who sacrifice hours of time and energy to love on our kids every week.  Thank you!!!

Gala Update!

Our 8th Annual Gala was a wonderful evening and we’re so thankful to everyone who attended!

Our theme for the night was “Priceless.” We had the honor of hearing from Luke Smallbone from the Christian band “For King and Country.” Luke spoke about his passion for all people to know their priceless worth, especially women trapped in the sex industry. We are so thankful for his support and partnership in this kingdom work.

We also had the privilege of hearing from Tanyqua Oliver, a spoken word poet. Everyone in the room was touched by her raw performance and her powerful story. Two brave women from our Career Development Program shared parts of their stories through a video, moving everyone by their honesty and courage.

Lastly, Rachelle Starr, our very own Executive Director and Founder, spoke on the vision for the future of the ministry and ways to partner with us to reach more women in the adult entertainment industry with the message of their priceless worth.

This amazing night could not have happened without the support and generosity of so many and we are deeply grateful. Thank you to our speakers, our sponsors, our matching donors, the countless businesses/individuals who donated to our silent auction and raffle, and everyone who attended! We are immensely blessed by your support and partnership!




Judgement Free Zone

“Don’t judge me!” can be called out jokingly as we reach for that second piece of cake or eighth piece of pizza. Paul talks about not judging others outside of the church (1 Cor. 5:12). Is this because we can be a stumbling block to them?  What if we don’t know where they are in their walk toward the cross?

Within the church we are each already in the process of sanctification- of becoming more like Him; He already has our ear. This is not the case for those who have not surrendered their lives to Him. Historically, too much damage has been done to pre-believers by Christians and this happens when we expect the same behaviors out of them as we do to those in Christ.

The important note here is to watch the content of our hearts. Our faces and our body language grant instant access to what is in there.  And when we have something in there that does not belong, such as judgment, it is exposed all over us. The hurt that we cause from this is often unknown to us but be sure that it does not go unnoticed by the sensitive one who is watching you to see what this God you say you live by is like. That can either be a great service, or disservice to Him, and the one who is watching.

                “It is not my business to judge those who are not part of the church.”                                           1 Corinthians 5:12 NCV

Encourage us (1 Thessalonians 5:11): What is your heart telling unbelievers about God through your actions?

Meet Kristin!

Kristin Singogo has joined the staff at Scarlet Hope as Outreach Director to continue the outreach mission of Scarlet Hope. Kristin has a B.A. in Political Science and a Master’s in International Development Administration. Her professional career demonstrates God’s providential stepping stones on His journey for her to Scarlet Hope.

Beginning as a Fund Development Coordinator, she next co-founded and served as co-Executive Director at an anti-human trafficking nonprofit organization. Kristin was also the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of The Family Health Center and Programs Manager of Seeds of Hope International Partnerships. Just before the Lord brought her to Scarlet Hope she worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor.

Kristin is newly married to Chaali (pronounced as Shar-lee) Singogo. She met Chaalie, a Zambian national, while in Zambia where she served as a missionary. They met while volunteering for the same ministry.

Kristin quickly integrated into the SH family of staff, volunteers, and most importantly the women we serve. Building trust with women who have experienced trauma is not easy. Yet I have watched Kristin quickly engage with the women we serve. Some may say it is her experience in missions and counseling but it is also inevitably due to her love of Christ for each of them.

Partnering with her has lent an up close and personal view of who Kristin Singogo is. She lives out John 5:34, Jesus said, ‘My food is to do what the One who sent me wants me to do and to finish his work'” ncv. Join me in welcoming her as she leads us into those dark places God wants to go to finish His work as we serve woman well who are entrapped by the exploitative world of the adult entertainment industry.


Encourage us (1 Thessalonians 5:11): Finished God’s work is energizing and exciting. What is your favorite way to finish God’s work?


Written by Angela Clevenger


HEELED Conference ’17

Dear friends,

Scarlet Hope just finished hosting its 3rd annual HEELED Conference and it was another great year! We were thrilled to see God move as we worshipped, trained, prayed, and networked together.

The HEELED Conference was created to equip, train, and encourage men and women who are bringing the hope and love of Jesus Christ into the adult entertainment industry all across the country. Over the years we have seen firsthand how hard this type of ministry can be and how quickly people get burned out. Having good accountability, healthy boundaries, and a connection to a local church are essential, but sometimes we need even more.

At the HEELED Conference, we gathered together as a group of God-followers who have all been given a similar passion and been called into the same type of ministry. It was a very unique opportunity for us to swap stories, give personal counsel and advice, and encourage one another.

During our main sessions we got to hear from two of my fellow co-laborers in ministry, Christa Hicks and Jeff Shaw. Christa and Jeff are both founders and directors of ministries for women in the adult entertainment industry. Christa’s ministry is Into the Jordan in Fort Myers, Florida and Jeff’s is Out of Darkness in Atlanta, Georgia. Their passion for this type of ministry was contagious and it was a privilege to hear from them. We were also honored to have Brian and Kim Tabor lead us in worship throughout the conference.

During the days of the conference we attended various breakout sessions. Conference guests could choose from a variety of sessions such as Caring for Women Pre- and Post- Abortion, Pornography and Its Ties to the Sex Industry, Transitional Living Programs, Training Up Volunteers, and much more. It was our goal and intention that by attending these breakout sessions, guests would leave the conference with an even greater understanding and knowledge of how to care for women who have been exploited by the adult entertainment industry.

At this year’s conference we had people from Iowa, West Virginia, Canada, and Puerto Rico, just to name a few. It was absolutely amazing to hear what God is doing all over the world. Contrary to what it may sometimes feel like, God is actively involved and lovingly present in the adult entertainment industry. He is using ordinary people like us to do His extraordinary work. It was such a unique and wonderful experience to gather together in one place and be reminded of this marvelous Truth!

This conference is worth every bit of work that goes into it. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


Rachelle Starr