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Changes in the Industry

The landscape of the adult entertainment industry has changed significantly in the last two decades. Advancements in technology have made the industry more accessible, more developed, and more anonymous than ever before. Traffickers who once had to target victims in bars, parks, or public places, now have access to dating apps and job listing sites that can connect them to people anonymously. Playboy, once known for its magazine, stopped printing in 2020 and transitioned its operations fully online. 

These changes in technology have opened opportunities for expanded methods of advertisement and distribution of adult entertainment. These are just a few of the sobering realities of the evolution of the industry:

  • In 2020, the internet was reported as the top recruitment location for trafficking—largely influenced by an increase in exploitation methods like social media, online dating apps, and false job advertisements. 
  • Today, pornography sites receive more website traffic in the U.S. than Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, and Pinterest combined

What does this mean for us?

As the industry changes and evolves, so does our response. Our outreach began in local clubs but has expanded to include text outreach to meet the growing number of women soliciting for sex online. Through innovative technology, we can use text messaging to connect with and provide a safe space for individuals exploited online. In 2023 alone, we sent over 23,000 text messages to women in 11 cities across the country–each providing an opportunity to share the love of Jesus digitally.

While the realities of the industry can be overwhelming, we see an opportunity for followers of Jesus to embody God’s heart for justice and restoration and participate in the work that he is doing to bring light to dark places. Will you join us to share hope and love with exploited and trafficked women?

How you can get involved:

  • Protect yourself and your family online by practicing safe internet practices and avoiding conversations with strangers
  • Volunteer as a digital missionary to pave the way for gospel transformation through text outreach 
  • Support our ministry financially. Your generosity changes the life of an exploited or trafficked woman. 

God is Making a Way

We know that the enemy wants to use technology for the advancement of exploitation and trafficking—but we know that our God is not intimidated by an evolving industry. He is forming a pathway for technology to bring restoration and help women break free from a life of hopelessness. Is He calling you to share hope and bring love to women in the adult entertainment industry?