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Our Model

All of our programs are developed and pioneered at our founding site in Louisville, KY. From there, we replicate our model of ministry to our other sites in stages based on each city’s contexts and needs.


We go to women in the industry, wherever they are, to reach them with the hope of the gospel.


We invite women out of isolation and into a gospel-centered community to experience the love of Christ in tangible ways.


We walk alongside women as they grow in Christ, equipping them to reach their God-given potential.


We go on weekly outreach, guided by the Holy Spirit, to extend the hope and love of Jesus to women involved in the adult entertainment industry, regardless of their circumstances. We approach this mission with non-judgmental compassion, persistently praying for opportunities to bring the gospel’s message of redemption and unconditional love to those in the darkest of places.

Meals Served
Since 2008
Texts Sent
Since 2019
Strip Clubs Served
Since 2008


Our model of outreach stems from The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) when Jesus told his disciples to GO. We cannot wait for the lost to come into the doors of our churches, we must go to them, in their own environment, and share the hope and love of Jesus. Our efforts to engage women in the adult entertainment industry looks a little different in each city, but these are all of the ways God has allowed us to reach women across the nation with His love!

Strip Club Outreach

We bring home-cooked meals into strip clubs weekly to share the hope and love of Jesus.

Massage Parlor Outreach

Based on our strip club outreach model, we also serve women working in illegal massage parlors.

Street Outreach

We go to the streets to tell women God loves them and sees them. We offer a rose, prayer, and resources.

Text Outreach

We utilize software that allows us to text women who have ads posted on sex-for-sale websites. We offer community & resources and tell them someone cares about them.

Jail Outreach

We offer life skills classes and Bible studies to provide support and community to women in jail.

Brothel Outreach

Based on our strip club outreach model, we also serve women working in brothels.


We recognize the profound isolation often felt by women in the adult entertainment industry and aim to counter this by offering them a gospel-centered community that demonstrates Christ’s love through unconditional relationships. We meet their physical and spiritual needs by providing tangible resources, spiritual guidance, and modeling the love of Christ, facilitating their journey to rediscover their identity in God and promote healing within a safe, supportive environment.

Average Number
Of Women Served in
Our Resource Centers
Each Month
Average Number
of Women Who
Participate in Case
Management Each Month
Average Number
of Women Engaged
Outside of the Industry
Each Month


In our community, not only do we teach the love of Christ, but we show the love of Christ through authentic, no-strings-attached relationships. We offer tangible resources to help meet the basic physical needs that they have. More importantly, we meet spiritual needs by pointing them to Jesus,  praying with and for them, teaching them how to read the bible, and showing them what love and friendship in Christ looks like.

Case Management

This is more than setting goals; we are empowering women to achieve their vision for their lives!

Hope for Her

A weekly program for women to come to our resource centers to have lunch, receive case management, participate in art activities, and learn more about Jesus.


We host events year-round to invite women to come enjoy fellowship and fun.


We strive to foster a relationship between women in the adult entertainment industry and the Lord, encouraging their spiritual growth through weekly Bible studies, local church connections, and strength-based case management. Our objective is to facilitate their experience of the transformative power of Jesus’s love, strengthening their holistic stability and equipping them with essential life and employment skills, ultimately leading them to share their faith and multiply disciples.

Professions of Faith
Last Year
Women Found
Meaningful Work
Outside of the Industry
Last Year
Average Number
of Women Who Attend
Bible Study Each Month


As women from the industry come to salvation in Christ, we invite them to participate in weekly bible studies, help connect them to a local church, and continue holistic, client-led case management. Our goal is to make disciples who make disciples!

Bible Study

We offer weekly a Bible Study for women to attend to learn more about Jesus.


Through case management, workshops, and other classes, we seek to provide opportunities for women to be equipped for God’s calling on their life.

Job Placement

We partner with local businesses to be able to refer women to meaningful jobs when they are ready to leave the industry.