85% of women

85% of the women in the adult entertainment industry have been sexually abused as little girls. We create a safe environment where they can heal and grow in their understanding of God’s grace and love towards them.


There are hundreds of women hearing the Gospel each week. Let’s reach more, together.

5,000 women

There are 5,000 women working in strip clubs in Kentucky. We don’t wait for these women to find us, we actively reach out to them with love and a home cooked meal.

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What are you striving for?

Paul speaks exhaustively on the law and works. When I say exhaustively, I mean I am exhausted when I read his works on, well, works. It’s just a lot of work! When I’m on the Expressway in the morning and it is still dark, the headlights signal the march off to work as countless numbers […]

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Do you ever get used to God? I am blown away by our incredible God every time He “busts a move” that I can hardly stand it sometimes. Here is one example of such a move recently. One of the women we had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with in the clubs for nearly two […]

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Meet Kendall

Meet Kendall, our newest staff member at Scarlet Hope! Give us a little bit of your background. I grew up in a very southern city called Huntsville, AL. A little fun fact…Huntsville is known for its Space and Rocket Center, arsenal/army base, high population of engineers, and its beautiful scenery, being located in a valley […]

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