85% of women

85% of the women in the adult entertainment industry have been sexually abused as little girls. We create a safe environment where they can heal and grow in their understanding of God’s grace and love towards them.


There are hundreds of women hearing the Gospel each week. Let’s reach more, together.

5,000 women

There are 5,000 women working in strip clubs in Kentucky. We don’t wait for these women to find us, we actively reach out to them with love and a home cooked meal.

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Dear God

Dear God, I just read over the prayer requests for last week at Scarlet Hope and my heart is heavy, eyes full of tears. The hurts, skewed perceptions of truth, and bad decisions. Some weeks I stare at the email header… unable to open it because of the pain hidden behind that electronic barrier. Then […]

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The Genesis of Scarlet Hope’s Career Development Program

Scarlet Hope continues to break ground as we serve women exploited and trafficked in the adult entertainment industry. When Rachelle Starr founded Scarlet Hope, she had a dream of employing women in a bakery to give them a life option. That dream came true this past Spring. On April 3, 2017 Scarlet Hope kicked off […]

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Hope for Kids Back To School Bash

Our back to school party for the kids of Scarlet Hope was a huge success! Through partners in the community, we were able to provide more than a dozen backpacks filled with school supplies to children ages 3-15. The kids started school with crayons, binders, paper, pencils and so much more. Not only did the […]

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