85% of women

85% of the women in the adult entertainment industry have been sexually abused as little girls. We create a safe environment where they can heal and grow in their understanding of God’s grace and love towards them.


There are hundreds of women hearing the Gospel each week. Let’s reach more, together.

5,000 women

There are 5,000 women working in strip clubs in Kentucky. We don’t wait for these women to find us, we actively reach out to them with love and a home cooked meal.



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Meet Kenna

Meet Kenna! She is the head pastry chef at Scarlet’s Bakery. We are so thankful to have her on our team! As head pastry chef, she is in charge of the kitchen and front of house, menu development, and specialty decorating needs for weddings and other events. Obviously she wears many hats. She loves her […]

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Peeling Onions

[1] We peel onions at Scarlet Hope, food onions and people onions. Peeling onions can be messy business. Imagine the results if you started digging into peeling an onion using only your fingers. Your onion would not look like much and I question the ability to use it, the remains would just be a mess […]

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Meet Kaylee

We are so excited to introduce to you one of the newest members of the Scarlet Hope team, Kaylee Nappo.  Kaylee was recently hired to be Scarlet Hope’s Discipleship Program Manager.  Here are some things to know about Kaylee: Where did you grow up? I moved all over growing up but from 7th grade until […]

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