To extend Christ's love to women in the adult entertainment industry, give online today!

You may also mail a check or cash to the following address:

P.O. Box 6542
Louisville, KY 40206

Learn about what your dollars can provide
when you give to Scarlet Hope!


Counseling Session

Provide healing and care for women who have endured trauma.

Outreach Supplies

Help us reach 150+ women weekly with love and a homecooked meal.

Case Management Session

Dreams become reality through this intentional time of goal-setting and resourcing.


After 14 months of hard work, we celebrate each graduates' achievements!

Text Outreach

This software allows us to reach exponentially more women! This year we have had 186 ongoing conversations with women online!

Team Development

Equipping and caring for our staff and volunteers makes our ministry more effective!


Redemption happens within these walls! Monthly rent is a small price to pay compared to the transformation that takes place at our Resource Center!


A necessary expense to keep our two facilities open and running so that we can carry out our mission!

Network Operations

The Network equips like-minded ministries all across the world and replicates our model in other cities so that more women may know the hope of the Gospel!

A Job for a Woman

We employ women out of the adult entertainment industry through our Career Development Program. $30,000 provides for every cost for one woman to participate in the 14-month program, including her wage, counseling, case management, curriculum, and more.

Thank you for sharing the hope and love of Jesus with women in the Adult Entertainment Industry!