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For Industry & Ex-Industry Workers Only

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At Scarlet Hope, we see you.

We know that life in the adult entertainment industry can often be challenging, overwhelming, and at times, incredibly isolating. If you’re feeling alone, misunderstood, or in need of support, we want you to know:

You’re not alone. We’re here for you.

Our mission at Scarlet Hope is to provide you with a safe community that understands your struggles and embraces you without judgment. We offer a range of resources, from practical support to emotional care, designed to help you navigate life’s challenges and empower you to explore new possibilities.

Whether it’s a hot meal, a caring conversation, or assistance transitioning into a new career, our team is ready and eager to stand beside you. You are more than what you do; you are a woman created in the image of God with inherent worth and immense potential, deserving of respect, dignity, and opportunities to be all that God created you to be.

Your story matters. Your dreams matter. You matter.

If you’re seeking a supportive network, a place to feel seen and heard, or just someone to lean on during tough times – you’ve found it.

Reach out to us today! Text 502.289.6314

Remember, there’s no requirement or expectation here at Scarlet Hope. Just unconditional support, genuine compassion, and a dedicated team ready to walk alongside you wherever you are in your journey.

With love and hope,
The Scarlet Hope Team

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