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Reaching women in the adult entertainment industry with the hope & love of Jesus through holiday gifts!


Our weekly outreach varies from club to club, city to city, but one thing is certain: we never go empty-handed! Having a meal, a treat, or a gift in hand, is the key to getting in the door. Across the nation, we are reaching 1,000+ women in strip clubs and we want to invite you to help us make the holidays extra special for the women we serve!

Consider adopting a club for a year to provide holiday gifts throughout the year. This is a great way for a small group or family to all pitch in to tangibly show the love of Christ to women in the adult entertainment industry.

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The Commitment: By adopting a club, you’re committing to provide a set number of gifts for 6 holiday gift drops starting at Christmas and ending with Thanksgiving. (The holidays are Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July or another summer gift, and Thanksgiving)

How Many Gifts: The clubs we serve range from needing 10-80 gifts. In the interest form, if you’re ready to adopt, you’ll have the option to designate how many gifts you’re able to provide. To give you an idea, a typical gift might include a journal, a pen, candy, and a devotional.

What to Expect: Prior to each gift drop, we will send you a list of items needed for the gift drop and ask you to drop off the items or have them shipped to us by a certain date. After the outreach, we will let you know how it went and how God is working in the club you adopted!

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