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Get Involved in Las Vegas:


Nevada has the largest commercial sex industry per capita in America.


Dancers work in the adult entertainment industry of Las Vegas on any given night.


Potential victims of exploitation and trafficked identified online.


Adult entertainment industry establishments in Las Vegas.


Sharing the hope & love of Jesus with exploited & trafficked women in Las Vegas…

It was no surprise that the Lord made a way for our ministry to expand to Las Vegas in 2018. With one of the largest commercial sex industries per capita in America, Nevada is home to thousands of women being exploited and trafficked every day. The adult entertainment industry is everywhere you go, and everywhere you look in Las Vegas. Sexual exploitation is normalized and celebrated. In the midst of that darkness, Scarlet Hope seeks to shine the light of Christ. Our team serves between 120-150 women each month through street outreach, club outreach, and text outreach. We partner with local churches to further the hope of the gospel in our city. Sometimes it can feel like the problem is just too big, but we trust in a bigger God who will move mountains to rescue His daughters from the darkness.

Our Efforts

Our small team is making an impact, one woman at a time, through the following efforts.

Get Involved

We cannot do any of this without our incredible team of volunteers. Read more about how you can serve and sign up for our next Volunteer Orientation.


Strip Club Outreach

Every Thursday night, we bring gifts & treats into local strip clubs to build relationships and share the gospel with the people we encounter. It takes a village to carry out this weekly Outreach! Our Outreach Team goes into the clubs, our Prayer Team stays behind to pray during Outreach, and we have a team of volunteers who provide the gifts/treats we take into the clubs. If God is calling you, we would love to talk to you more about how you could serve.

Text Outreach

Text Outreach is our newest initiative in Las Vegas. Using technology that pulls phone numbers from sex-for-sale ads online, we are able to reach hundreds of potential victims of exploitation online with a message of hope. We are building a team of Digital Missionaries who will engage victims via text message and connect them to resources as needed.

Volunteer Opportunities

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to attend an upcoming Volunteer Orientation. At Orientation, we’ll provide an overview of our ministry and ways to serve, and from there, you can apply to become a volunteer. Below are all of the opportunities to serve within Outreach:

Before we go on outreach, our pre-service teams create space for hope and healing by making handmade gifts or cooking home-cooked meals. This team is essential because it gives us a foot in the door and creates an immediate way for us to show love to the woman we encounter.

Joining our craft and cooking team is a wonderful way for small groups, women’s ministries, and families to get involved and make a big impact on the women we serve!

You can attend one of the multiple service days throughout the year with one of our partner churches or hold your own crafternoon to donate. For more information about how to serve with our gift/meal team, please contact us.


First, we GO to women wherever they are. Then we invite them IN to experience gospel-centered community. Here in Las Vegas, God provided a beautiful, safe space to invite women to come to for various resources and care. Our Resource Center offers food, clothing, and case management for women in need. As we grow, we plan to start a weekly program called Hope for Her, where women can come each week for Bible study, resources, and community.

Partner with us

If you are a business owner or are employed by an organization that is open to offering jobs for women who want a way out of the industry, please contact us to see how we can partner!

Join our email list to stay updated on ways to serve within this aspect of our ministry!


The third pillar of our model is Discipleship, and this will look different for every woman we serve. Some women may come to know Christ the first time we meet them, and others may take years to trust us and be open to the gospel. As women from the adult entertainment industry come to salvation in Christ, we invite them to participate in weekly bible studies, connect them to a local church, and continue holistic, client-led case management. Our goal as we disciple women is to give them the opportunity to experience the life-changing love and grace of Jesus, increase their emotional, physical, educational, spiritual, and financial stability, and gain the life and job skills training necessary to function and retain meaningful employment.

God does miraculous things through prayer, so we invite you to make it a habit to pray for the women we serve; so that they would put their hope in Christ and be set free from the darkness that surrounds them.

For Churches

At Scarlet Hope, we believe the Church is the answer because Jesus is the answer. Our ministry is merely a bridge to mobilize the Church to go to exploited women wherever they are and connect them back to the Local Church to receive ongoing care and discipleship. Some churches feel at a loss on how to best respond to the crisis of exploitation and trafficking, so that’s why we developed an online course to equip churches to reach, serve, and share the hope and love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry.

Join us in reaching Las Vegas'
adult entertainment industry


We are growing a team of volunteers who are called by God to love and care for women in the adult entertainment industry.


Your donations enable our programs to share the hope and love of Jesus with more women and empower them to live a new life in Christ.


Join our email list to receive local updates and stories of impact, or get in touch with our team today at info.lasvegas@scarlethope.org.

Meet Our Executive Director

Carol Tidd

Carol moved to Las Vegas in 2003 from central Ohio. She knew the Lord had called her to the desert, specifically to Las Vegas, and she had no idea why at that point. In early 2012 she started learning about sex trafficking and doing street ministry, as well as serving at the Las Vegas Porn Convention. For several years Carol focused on getting training to help those struggling with trauma, specifically those in the sex industry as well as working on her own healing.

Carol got involved with Scarlet Hope Las Vegas in 2021 and was named the Executive Director in the fall of that year. Carol has experience in the public and private sectors as well as with nonprofits. She is using her skills and her heart for women in the adult entertainment industry to change lives.

Get in touch with Carol at info.lasvegas@scarlethope.org.

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