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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I start a ministry like this?

The first thing we instruct you to do is to pray and fast about the calling to minister to women in the industry.  Prayer is essential to hearing and discerning the Lord’s calling on your life in this area. The next step is to do some research on the adult entertainment industry in your city.  Is there already a ministry or church that ministers to women in the industry that you could partner with? How big is the adult entertainment industry in your town? What kinds of laws and restrictions does your city have in regard to the industry?  Finding out some basic information about the industry in your city will help you as you approach the clubs and make plans to minister to the women. Another step you’ll want to take as you prepare to start this ministry is to find people to help you. You can’t do this alone; you will need other women who also feel called by God to go with you.  Finally, as you start preparing to do this kind of ministry, consider signing up for coaching sessions with members of our team. 

Why do the clubs let you go in?

The short answer is “because God has called us to this mission and He opens the doors.”  The longer answer is that we are allowed in because our mission is very simple and we do not stray from it: we go into the clubs to share the hope and love of Jesus.  Our purpose in going into the clubs is not to try and get the women to leave and it’s not to try and get the clubs shut down. We are there to love and serve the women, and tell them about the greatest Hope and Love they could ever know.  Keeping our mission first and foremost and letting God do the rest of the work allows us to have honest conversations with the owners about why we are there.

Where did you get the name Scarlet Hope?

Click here to hear the miraculous and God-glorifying story of how we got our name, as well as other stories from the beginning of our ministry. Our Founder, Rachelle Starr, shares these stories & more on the Share Hope Bring Love Podcast.

How are you set up as a 501(c)(3) organization?

Yes! Scarlet Hope Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

How do churches partner with you?

We are a parachurch organization, and we desire to partner with gospel-centered local churches that will come alongside the women we are ministering to. Our hope is that local churches will help the women in our ministry feel supported and connected to a safe body of Christ. We train churches, pastors, and leaders on the best ways to love and serve women from the adult entertainment industry. In addition, we invite churches to volunteer with our ministry and we partner with churches for financial support. Consider checking out our free curriculum for churches to find out how your church can better serve the women in your community!

Contact us at info@scarlethope.org to connect & discuss what partnership could look like for your church.

What does my giving go towards?

Your giving goes directly to support our efforts to reach women in the adult entertainment industry.  It also helps support our programs that serve women who desire to transition out of the industry. Finally, your giving allows us to train and equip ministries all across the country who are sharing the gospel with women in the adult entertainment industry.

How do I volunteer or get involved?

If you live near one of the cities where there is a Scarlet Hope, we’d love for you to volunteer with us! The first step is to attend a volunteer orientation. You can sign up for an orientation near you here