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Because sometimes you just need to talk to someone who’s been there. One-on-one coaching provides the opportunity to process and problem-solve with an experienced ministry professional.

What is Coaching?

You can read all the books, go to all the trainings, and maybe you even have some hands-on experience working for a nonprofit or with vulnerable populations. But nothing can prepare you for the hard, messy, unexpected moments that happen in ministry. Whether you simply need help for one particular problem or you’re looking for ongoing support and encouragement, coaching is your answer to navigating through the various hurdles of ministry.

Current Offerings

For Nonprofit Executives

Executive Coaching with Rachelle Starr

$100 per hour for one session or $500 for six comprehensive sessions

If you are the founder, president, CEO, or executive director of an organization that reaches exploited and/or trafficked women, you will find Rachelle’s counsel and encouragement invaluable. Leading this kind of ministry comes with many unique challenges, and when everyone is looking to you to make the right decisions, the pressure can be overwhelming. One-on-one coaching with Rachelle will help leaders avoid chaos and uncertainty and instead lead with confidence and intentionality.

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A little about Rachelle…

In 2007, Rachelle founded Scarlet Hope when God called her to share His hope and love with exploited and trafficked women. Scarlet Hope has since expanded across eight cities in the United States and has trained thousands to launch similar nonprofits worldwide under Rachelle’s leadership. Rachelle is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys developing innovative ways to reach and disciple women wherever they are. As a speaker, coach, and author of Outrageous Obedience, Rachelle has shared her story on numerous platforms to inspire women to live an outrageous life for Jesus. Sign up for executive coaching today and receive expert advice in sustaining nonprofits, fundraising, board development, social enterprise, job rehabilitation, and much more.

For anyone in ministry

Ministry Coaching with Emily Williams

 $50 per hour for one session or $250 for 6 comprehensive sessions

Wondering how to enter a club for the very first time? Looking to make your first hire? Having trouble with volunteer management and recruitment? Need to process a difficult situation that happened in a club? Issues arise all the time in this kind of ministry, and we’re here to help. With over a decade of ministry experience, Emily can help you process and problem-solve any difficult situation and brainstorm ways to move forward with confidence.

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A little about Emily…

With over 12 years of ministry experience, Emily knows the many ups and downs that come with ministry life and is passionate about helping others see the joy and significance that comes with answering God’s call to reach exploited and trafficked women.  Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to improve and expand your outreach efforts, Emily can provide the support you need.

What They're Saying

My time in Scarlet Hope’s coaching program over the last five years has shaped me as a missionary in countless ways. Rachelle has been an amazing coach! Her one-on-one coaching calls have given me the support and extra guidance I needed as I launched and developed my ministry to women in the adult entertainment industry. She has devoted many, many hours and much effort to help me flourish in God’s call on my life. I can’t recommend her ministry enough! I’m grateful for her coaching, encouragement, and support!

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