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I do not believe that I could have walked into a corporate professional setting like where I am currently employed without the confidence I now have as a result of the skills training I received through the Scarlet Hope Career Development Program. I now believe that I can and that has made all the difference in my personal and professional life.

– A Program Graduate

Stories like that of the program graduate quoted above bring a smile to my face. The Scarlet Hope Career Development Program is making a difference and I have a front-row seat to each participants’ transformation.

Each woman who enters the program has experienced some level of trauma. The enemy uses their pasts to reinforce lies about their identity, their value, and their ability to change. The struggle before us, therefore, is of Biblical proportions: to take what the enemy meant for evil and to turn it to good. I witness God do this miraculous act every day through the intentional community of the Scarlet Hope Career Development Program.

We get to show each woman through God’s Word that they are loved, valued, and capable, and then we watch as the Lord brings beauty out of the ashes.

As each participant grows in their life and job skills, so does their confidence and their beliefs about themselves start to change. When they graduate from the program, they enter the next phase of life empowered and equipped to do what God has called them to do.


God is redeeming the workplace through our Career Development Program and restoring the lives of each woman we employ! YOU can be a part of that redemption! Make a gift today!