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“Thursdays are my favorite day of the week!

I look forward to the church ladies and the food y’all bring all week!”

Each month we serve an average of 550 meals through Outreach. There is a giant team of individuals behind the scenes preparing, cooking, and praying over these meals. We got to sit and talk with one of the men who cook for our team about why they serve.

My wife found Scarlet Hope and their need for a cook team on Facebook. She said, “You will never believe what Scarlet Hope is looking for! They need a cook!”. I have a culinary education but I work at Humana so my career is not in line with my education. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use the skills the Lord has given me for a redemptive purpose, so I said, “I can cook!”

I was paired with a couple of others wanting to serve and we began cooking meals on the first Thursday of the month. Food and eating is a beautiful way to open the door to a Gospel conversation. Although I’m not the one having the conversation, I get to be the vehicle for those conversations.

In the Bible, there are many agricultural metaphors. Sowing, reaping, seeds. If you’re looking at the whole process of what Scarlet Hope does, the cooking is kind of like seeds. There is a lot of action happening that you can’t really see, but I believe the meal I prepare could produce fruit in the lives of one of the women who eat it. The Lord may use a plate of food to bring about salvation!

This has been a great way for me, as a man, to serve at Scarlet Hope. In the Gospels, the attitude or disposition of people towards women in the life was really poor. To be frank, it’s not all that different now. However, everyone is made in the image of God. The women Scarlet Hope serves are fellow image-bearers. Just like you and me. The Lord can redeem anything even through a simple meal so that’s why I cook!