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Years ago, I began praying and asking the Lord to make a way for the Gospel to be spread to women in the adult entertainment industry in Miami, Florida. I was prompted to do so after meeting a woman who was trafficked to this area. I researched and tried to find someone who could help her locally with no success. Since then I’ve met more and more women who have been trafficked to Miami or travel there for work and still I couldn’t find anyone who was reaching these women locally. I’ve even had women tell me that Miami needs the Church Ladies!” So I asked the Lord to open the door so we could plant Scarlet Hope in MiamiI’m so excited to share with you today that God has answered my prayer!

In September, our network team traveled to Miami to make connections, see the city, learn about the industry, pray, and see if God would open the door to Miami. The Lord did far above what we could have asked or imagined!

During our time in Miami we were able to: 

  • Meet with representatives from five like-minded, local churches, and share our vision.
  • Connect with potential volunteers.
  • Drive through the city researching specific clubs and areas of town.
  • Re-connect with a woman in the industry we met years ago. We were able to minister to her and she helped us understand the industry culture in Miami.
  • We were able to do street outreach as well as casino outreach (a new endeavor!) to begin reaching women with the hope of the Gospel!
  • Connect with another ministry that wants to support us in the transition and partner with us once we are established.

Since our time in Miami, God has led us to people and funding that we believe will allow us to launch in the next six months! My heart is rejoicing that God is making a way to reach women in Miami with His hope and love!

With Joy,

Rachelle Starr
Founder & President

In order to launch this ministry, we need your prayers, supports, and connections! Get in touch with our team at info.miami@scarlethope.org if you are interested in supporting this site!