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“It was the most welcoming thing when I walked into Scarlet Hope; the best feeling in the world. Everyone hugged me and loved me like they’d known me forever.”

– A Program Graduate remembering the first time she walked through our doors.

I came into Scarlet Hope initially to just stuff envelopes, but the seed was planted. I heard they needed a “Covergirl” for the front desk. I had never heard of the ministry so I wanted to know more about it. Sitting at the front desk, it’s hard (physically) to learn a whole lot about what is happening in the back, but slowly over time, I learned bits and pieces of people’s stories. The front desk became a prayer closet for me. I started praying for myself but over time I began praying for the women who came in, the participants in the program, the staff, and even the volunteers I had never met.

I see how God has redeemed my past by leading me to Scarlet Hope. My past included alcohol and drugs, and those things led to choices I made to stay in a very volatile relationship. I understand the timidity of the women. The shame. The guilt.

I have had the opportunity to talk to two women in the program about my story. Even though there’s an extreme age difference, we can relate. We’re all the same. We all have our baggage. We all have our struggles. But as Christians, we also all have Jesus.

The reward of serving at Scarlet Hope is a dozen fold. It doesn’t cost me much to be here. Just my time and a few dollars for gas. I’ve been serving for over a year now and my favorite thing is to see the changes in the women from when they first come in the door; to watch them walk straighter and smile more. But the change isn’t physical, it’s spiritual. It’s like watching miracles. The blessings come back so abundantly. It may take a little while, but anything good is worth waiting for. And this is definitely worth the wait!

This beautiful story was told by one of our faithful volunteers. She’s one of the welcoming faces that our program graduate remembers feeling so loved by. We love to see how God redeems stories! God has used her past to offer hope to women with similar struggles and to know how to better pray for them.

Will you join her in praying for the miraculous, redemptive work
of women leaving the Adult Entertainment Industry?