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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry #60 (Part 2) – November 5th 2009

Hannah Reporting:

Club 1:

I know we always rave about how good the food is but Thursday nights meal was unbelievable! I have never seen a meal go as fast as it did that night! We brought lasagna, amazing soft breadsticks, salad, beautifully decorated fall cookies, and homemade cheesecake! Normally at the end of the night there is food left over that we leave there for the ladies to take home to thier familes but tonight there wasn’t much left! Thank you so much to our awesome cooks who poor their love into these dishes. One girl V said “wow, this lasagna is awesome! it must have took a long time to cook” i got to share with her about how we have so many wonderful people who cook and pray and prepare food for them every week. She was blown away that women were actually preparing her meal, hours before we get there.

V is a very precious dancer, just barely 20 years old who I’ve been talking to a bunch lately. She quit the club a while ago because she hates working there. She tried to find another job but no one would hire her because she doesn’t have her GED. Hopeful Monday we are going to go take her to take her test. She told me last night that she desperately wants to stop dancing but she needs to pay $250 + money to insurance for her car and then she wants to quit again. The need for jobs for the ladies is crucial and severely needed. I talk to so many dancers who do not want to dance, but its the only job that will take them. Just be praying for that.

We met B who who was very excited to talk to us for quite awhile. B is from Casey county, she is 19. this was her 2nd night working. She drove 2 and a half hours and got a hotel for 5 days to dance in Louisville. He dads a preacher. She said she use to dance in Lexington, and met the group “quest” Who use to take food into the club that she danced at. She thought we were connected to them. We all got her number and are trying to set up a date to go to dinner soon. Prayers are changing these womens lives.

Hannah Dunn and the Scarlet Hope Team

Report by: Rachelle Starr

“where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” 2 Corinthians 3:17b

We have much to share this week…so I have broken it up into two seperate emails…

If you could only have been there….if you could only have talked with the beautiful faces God allowed us to…you would have no doubt that the Spirit of the Lord is real and evident in the lives that allow him to lead.

God opened up amazing doors last night in the club.  Our team talked beforehand about how we often forget the Spirit.   We pay close attention to Jesus and to following God, but when was the last time we really thought about what Jesus said about the one that will be coming that is great than He….The Holy Spirit is what guides us through each step of everyday..if we allow him.  Often that’s too scary of a commitment for us.  It’s hard to drown out the noise around us and focus on what the Spirit is telling us..but when we do, wow!   The Holy Spirit is something I don’t want to live without

We asked the Holy Spirit to go before us last night and out of many many nights in the clubs I have never felt his spirit like I did last night.  Both teams Club 1 and Club 2 had incredible Spirit led nights.

Club 2:

Last night’s meal was incredible!   The girls went crazy and at one point I looked up and they were all gathered around wanting to grab a plate to eat!   Lasagna, breadsticks, and salad to something for a crowd and it definitly made the night a lot smoother.   We had beautiful docroated sugar cookies and homemade cheesecakes that were amazing!!!   Thank you to everyone who prepared food for last night….God used that and blessed that meal over and over!  Our team Jessica, Valerie and I were stepping all over each other all night trying to serve everyone, but it brought a huge smile to my face as I realized what was going on.

After we had served the majority of ladies, Valerie and I went into the club next door to sit down and see how everyone was doing.   Jessica stayed behind to keep serving food as ladies came in.  Valerie wanted to share with TH the dancer that actually allowed us to be serving in that club.  TH recently got fired, because the manager said she caught her smoking marijuana and she fired her after 13 years of working in the club.  TH believe it’s because she’s black.

Valeries report for the night:

So last night we went into club 2.  I wasn’t really that excited about this club…last time i was there it was really busy, and we couldn’t really talk with anyone.  Man oh man, the Lord sure showed me!  ha I had three great conversations!  The first was with “T”.  She’s been in this “industry” for 13 or 14 years.  She has two children (16 and 12).  She recently got fired from club 2 and isn’t dancing there anymore. She still likes to go and hang out with all the ladies there tho.  She’s going to be starting a new job with her family in a couple weeks.  But she still is going to continue finding ways to stay in the sex industry. We didn’t get into much of a deep conversation, but it was a two-way convo!  and it was great to get to know her like I did!

When “T” went to go talk to another friend “J” started talking to me. He is the DJ in the second club.  This conversation, unlike the other was mostly one-way.  “J” was telling a lot of crazy stories about jobs, and his past in the army.  He did mention that he is “inbetween” apartments, and has been staying in his car for a while.  He said that he was supposed to be getting the keys for his new apt. today….I’m not sure how truthful that statement was. But please be praying that he gets into a home, and doesn’t have to be outside in the cold anymore!
My last conversation i think was the most productive.  One of the girls, “C” has been in this club for 3 years now.  She’s wanted to get her GED for a while, but just hasn’t been motivated enough.  She’s decided that she wants to get into hair design school, who say she needs her GED first, so that’s motivating her a little more now.  She’s looking for a hostessing job that she can work during the week, and when she’s not at the club.  Please be praying that she finds something that will be stable enough for her to maybe quit the clubs.  She was just so broken and desperite for a girl friend.  I got her num, and we’re going to go to lunch soon.  I also told her that i would love to help her study for her GED.  So please also pray that this friendship will grow, and she’ll see the love of Christ through it! 🙂

and these are only my stories!  There were other miraculous things happening last night!!!  Our God Reigns! :)  -Valerie S.

I met several new girls that night and I have put together a couple of stories.   I’m sorry these are long, but God is moving and I want to be a voice for them:

New Dancer H:

I was able to talk witha  lady named H.  H is fairly new back on the club scene and is an older lady with 2 kids.   H asked if we were the group that helped D get the baby stuff since she adopted that little girl.  We said yes and she held my hand for a good copule minutes saying she couldn’t believe we would do that for someone we barely knew.  It opened an opportunity to share God’s Love with her and why we come in there each week and why we zlove these women.  She hugged me so tight and shared just a few things with me about her.

Dancer RX:

In the middle of talking with H, RX came up and started telling me that D wanted her to tell me that she was very soory.  I quickly said for what?  RX told me D originally had been very judgemental of us and thought that we thought we were better than her.  RX told me that when she was going to have an abortion and we talked to her about getting counseling, D was very upset that we would do that!  That we should of kept our nose out of her business.   RX said “I’m glad you didn’t because I think you all are great and I’m so glad that we know each other…your my friend”   RX said D told her recently she’s never met anyone like us and she is so thankful she knows us and that we take the time to Love her.

It’s not about us……the coolest part here in the story is that D is talking with RX about Love!   Love stretches far and wide and deep!  It’s amazing what Loving someone can do!

Dancer JE:
(Hannah talked a bit last week how the DJ wanted us to give JE spiritual guidance next time we came in…well this was the night..)

The next story that I want to share came as a surprise.   I had just gone back over to talk with Jessica and got a salad when the DJ from the other club came over and said “one of the girls needs to talk with you”  so I followed him back over and there was a dancer I had never seen before…JE…..I sat down and before I even actually could sit down she quickly said “what religion are you?”  I todl her I was a Christian…she quickly replied “yeah so, what denomination?”  I said “non-denominational”  she said well I was really hoping you were non denominational because I am a Christian too and I haven’t seen anyone do what you all are doing.  She went onto tell me about her story ….(JE and I talked for about half an hour…so I obvously can’t relay everything) but it was an annointed appointment …JE grew up in a Christian home and walked away from the Lord many many years ago and eventually lost her 2 kids.   She’s not married and doesn’t have a car.  Makes enough money to pay for her rent and that’s about it.  During our conversation which was full of “do you believe this…that…
type questions she told me with tears in her eyes that she hopes one day she can do what we’re doing for women in the club.  She said she often catches herself “preaching” to the girls but then quickly realizes what type of Christian she is because she’s not leading by example…she’s doin exactly what they are doing.   So she said she stops speaking about the Lord to them and tries to hold it together.

As JE was talking I truly felt the Holy Spirit moving and he brought once again (it seems to be a popular passage among these women) the story of Esther.  How Esther was brought up from nothing to be Queen.  I told her about this story and with tears in her eyes she broke down and said “I prayed a couple of nights ago that God would send me some Hope….God would send me something….and I turly believe it was you all..”  “God sent you to me because I haven’t felt like this in a long long time…she went onto say how much she misses going to church and wants to get connected again… I told her she could come with me this weekend and her eyes got Huge and said “really, I could really go with you?”

So we exchanged numbers and I’ll be picking her and her daughter up tomorrow morning for service.  We hugged for a long long time and told her I loved her and would pray for her!

I walked out of that place more humbled than ever and feeling as though I didn’t want to leave!

These women are desperate!

The amount of Love and seeds that are being planted and watered each week in that club is amazing to see!  Please continue to pray for Club 2 and the women within in it!   Pray God breaks down these walls!!

DJ – J:

Update real quick for some of you who know and now have met J, the DJ from Club 2.  J asked if he could come to Veritas up at Northside a couple of weeks ago, J got on the website and searched around for ways to get involved.   We said absolutely and offered to pick him up if needed.   He said he would get a friend to come with him.  The first week the enemy was really working on hard to get him to not come….his phone died and the pay phone he walked to to call one of us was out of service as well.   Last week he attempted again and after a 30 mile detour, he found it!!   He caught the very end of Veritas and said that when he walked in that place he instantly felt a positive energy (I like to call this the Holy Spirit :)   He said he looked at his friend and said “we’re coming back next week”   Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit revealed himself again!!  It brings tears to my eyes of pure Joy to know that He is working in so many lives!!!

Rejoice with us for the Lord is AMAZING!!!

Have a beautiful weekend,

Loving Him
Rachelle & The Scarlet Hope Team