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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry #62 – November 12th 2009

“Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love“  Ephesians 6:24

It was another really wonderful night with the girls last night! God quickly showed our team that when we are united as one body, one spirit, one mind in the name of Jesus we can do powerful and mighty things with his guidance.

Please lift up the lives in Club 1 at this time.   Each week that goes by it is getting worse.  The girls are more and more not interested in talking.  They stay in the dressing rooms and don’t come out.   The management has grown increasingly more unfriendly.   We just need a lot of prayer for this club.  We know since the economy the owner has allowed many more things go on in the Club that aren’t supposed to, because the girls tell us.   It just needs a lot of prayer!

Club 2:

Early in the evening last night, Natalie G got a call from a dancer in Club 1 that said she was off for the night, but really wanted to come serve dinner with us in the clubs. WOW! Can you say crazy awesome! For sure, we told her and she met us before the clubs for devotion and prayer and then headed out to Club 2 with us.

Here’s Natalie’s words from the night:

“Last night was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced; I’m always excited about Thursday nights but last one was one only God could plan. Last week, Mandy, Hannah, and I met an awesome girl, B, and exchanged phone numbers. I’d been talking to B throughout the week and was sad that it would be a few weeks till I came back to the club she works at. She called me a few hours before meeting up for our team devotion, asking if she could serve with us at the other club! I was so overwhelmed with joy I could barely contain it! I was blessed to have had another chance to serve with her in the club we went to last night. She’s an amazing girl with the sweetest spirit you’ve ever seen; she was excited and eager to come with us last night serving food to the girls. Throughout the week, I’d been hoping for an opportunity to hang out with her but was afraid that conflicting schedules would interefere; but God gave me a gift straight from His heart: He not only let me talk with her, but serve with her as well! She’s an aweosme friend. Praise the Lord.” – Natalie G.

The women at Club 2 were so excited to talk and share with us and eat awesome pizza Vicario’s catered for us! God really is doing a work in that place!

Dancer RX:

I had an incredible time talking with RX last night. I went into her side of the club and saw her sitting there with a blank stare on her face. I went over and asked her what was up and she said “just getting drunk.” I asked her why she was doing that again and she said because she can’t be in this place without being drunk. A little bit later on she told me she had a dream about me. I asked her what it was about and she said “you don’t want to know..it’ll get you caught up in my mess and I don’t want to put you through that..” I told her that she could tell me anything and I promise I will love her regardless. “she told me in her dream she was told over and over to tell me…and that I helped her get a a lawyer….” I asked her if that was somewhat of a reality and she said “I’m a felon..” she went onto tell me she is a convicted felon on counts of attempted murder, malicious conduct and battery….and she’d been running from the cops for 5 years. She told me that her husband when she was very young used to beat her and she devised a plan to kill him after he had beat her and picked up her little boy and threw him across the room breaking his arm and collar bone. As tears streamed down her face I grabbed her and hugged her and she curled into my arms like a child and cried for a long time.

We are going to try and help RX turn her life around by doing what she needs to do first and turning herself in to the police. She said she doesn’t want to run anymore and she wants her son back. RX is only 23 years old! She is broken beyond belief, scared, and wants to be loved sooo bad!

She asked me why God would allow her to be raped, molested and constantly tortured if he loved her. And in my heart I wrestle with this same question, even though I know God Loves her and NEVER wanted that for her life. But it’s often hard to explain when things seem so unbearable. I reassured her that God DID NOT do this to her and that he desperately loves her and wants her to know him, wants to rescue her from this life she is living. Constantly on the run!

Pray for RX. Pray for her heart, for her to have strength as she goes through some things that will be hard to face. Pray that she will turn towards our Father and allow him to rescue her from this bondage!

I’ll keep the website updated as things progress with RX.


J the DJ has been hanging Chris Harper a time or two and Chris asked him to come and cook for one of the shelters for Thanksgiving! J is super super excited to do so, for he was a cook in the army. I think that’s awesome that these men and women are wanting to help serve. It will put them around the body of believers and help to show them the Love of Jesus in a much different way. We also had a blessing that was received for J this week. J has the opportunity to leave the industry, however he really needs transportation. Someone donated a car this week and J will be the receipent of that car. Last night when we told him his eyes filled with tears and he couldn’t muster anything, but “you have no idea how huge of a blessing and how much this is going to change my life…” I pray that providing an this opportunity will break down the barrier that is holding his life up from being different and knowing who God truly is! God always provides and knows what each persons need is!

Dancer V

Please pray for her. To hear her, watch her and be her friend….breaks my heart. She is very consumed by this industry and wanted so bad to get better, but has become so consumed by making money that it seems nearly impossible to get her to think otherwise! Please keep V in your prayers.

Dancer JE

JE has been able to attend weekend services with us for 2 weeks now. Praise the Lord!!

We are much to be thankful for in Scarlet Hope!   God’s doing incredible things in the lives of so many and we are so thankful for everyone’s prayers for this ministry.

Glory to Him,

Rachelle Starr & The Scarlet Hope Team