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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry #59 – October 29th 2009

We should not fear those things which can destroy the body, but we are to fear the One who can destroy the soul…Matthew 10:28

Club 1

Reporting: Rachelle S.

Team: Natalie G., Amy B., Allyson H.

God brought to us a new delivery team member, Amy. We are super excited about her joining our team and know God is going to use her to reach girls we haven’t been able to reach. Gods timing and plan is always perfect. We are thankful he is growing and maturing our team!

15 dancers were working Thursday night. There weren’t a lot of customers so we thought we would have a lot of time to talk with the girls. But unfortunately . The mood of the night was pretty down and out. When the club puts a lot of girls on the schedule and then there are few customers the girls get pretty bitter and upset. Those nights are the nights that we just try to serve them, love them and most of all continue showing up building trust and security.

R was there working. R is from Lexington and is 19 years old. She absolutely breaks my heart. Her dad is a pastor in Lexington and has no idea that she is living in Louisville doing this. She talks about how much she loves her lifestyle and how much she needs the money. At the end of the night she talked to our whole team outside for quite a bit. She told us that she is living in a motel here in Louisville paying about $800.00 a month for that and she also maintains an apartment in Lexington that is $600.00 a month. She does that so her parents won’t know what she is doing and so that she can be near her boyfriend who doesn’t seem like a great influence. He just got out of jail and will be going to rehab for quite awhile starting this week. This girl is completely broken and seems to be sucked in so much into this industry that she has lost all Hope. Please pray for R…..she knows who Jesus is and now feels so far away from him that she can’t possibly be loved my Him again. We know that is NOT and that God deeply loves her and is heartbroken she has turned her back on him.

M the bartender is always super anxious to talk to us. While we were walking in she was already setting up the table for us to get the food all ready. She has been in this business for a long time and has a older man who pays all of her bills. Her younger sister is getting ready to have a baby and is very excited to help her with that. I can just tell M is so desperately wanting a relationship…she follows us outside and talks the whole way out ….we love talking with her and invite her to dinner…but she hasn’t been able to come so pray that this relationship will continue to grow and grow.

S who we have talked about a long time ago hasn’t been there in about 3 or 4 months. She showed up last week and this week and she said she had staff infection in her leg from getting into a fight with one of the girls in the bar. S has taken a turn for the worse and it breaks my heart to know that she is headed into a life of misery and pain. She doesn’t have a phone anymore so talking to her out of the club isn’t much of an option right now, but God has put this girl heavy on my heart, because he wants to rescue her!!!

There are so many more ladies that I could mention but please continue your prayers for the lives that we are meeting each week in Club 1. God is opening doors for us to be able to help many of them and get to know them and we need his guidance to show them the Love he has for them and the life he desires for them.

Club 2:

Natalie W. Reporting:

Team: Sarah F., Hannah D., Jessica L.

Last night was one of the busiest nights at the club since we’ve been there. We brought baked potatoes with all the toppings and dessert. The girls loved it. Since the club was so busy the girls didn’t have much down time to talk. There are a few things we need to be praying for. When we were leaving one of the DJs stopped us and said there was a dancer coming into work named JY who is in need of some help. Hannah asked him if there is anything we could be praying for and he replied “spiritual healing”. He said she will be there next week so hopefully we will get a chance to meet her. So just be praying for her and whatever is going on  in her life that God will heal her. Also be praying for J the DJ/bouncer he is very interested in coming to church but different obstacles keeping getting in the way to keep that from happening. He wants to come to Veritas this week so I got his number and we are going to find him a ride to get there. Just keep praying for everyone that we’ve met and haven’t met at this club. – Natalie W.

I spoke with Gracie, our AVON lady, and she was very appreciative of the food and excited that was going to Texas on Saturday to take her great grandkids trick-or-treating.

The bouncer, J, talked with us a bit but had a nice conversation with my husband, Jason, after the rest of the team had gone back to the church. He and Jason talked about service and politics and J seems very interested in getting more involved at Northside.

When we went in to the club last night and began setting up food, I saw a gym bag sitting behind the counter. It said “FCHS Cheerleader” and then had a name embroidered on it. I went to school at FCHS and it really hit me for the first time that I may know one of the dancers personally. It was instant panic, but after a few seconds I had this overwhelming sense of sadness. I discretely placed my hand on the bag and prayed over it for whatever girl it belonged to. I was brought down to the reality that no one – not even those that seem the most privileged, most popular, have the most money, and seem to have it all together are immune to the darkness. Not me – not you. Not anyone. The enemy can suck anyone into his game and only the grace and love of God can save us. Sometimes I get too comfortable going into the club and last night was a great reminder that the sex industry ruins lives….destroys futures and families…..and needs God and needs people to help tear down the walls and build and restore the pieces that are left. – Sarah F.

Loving Him,
Rachelle & The Scarlet Hope Team
“we are to love people who don’t think and look like us, even our enemies”