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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry # 70 – January 14th 2010 _

_”..Worship the Lord your God and serve Him ONLY”  Matthew 4:10_

This verse although I’m sure overlooked all to often is something Jesus
taught and showed us by his actions while here on earth. Are our lives
reflecting these words while we’re here on earth….?

_Club 1
_Team: Sarah F. & Natalie G.

_Sarah Reports:_

There was an unusual vibe in Club 1 last night – helium balloons everywhere
and all the girls seemed extra “dressed up.” It looked like they were ready
for a party, only no one seemed very excited. Most of the dancers
disappeared into the dressing room when we got there, but slowly began to
come over to get some delicious pizza, salad, and cupcakes. I asked what was
going on that night and apparently there was a special feature dancer that
would be arriving soon, along with the national director of all the clubs in
that particular chain. All the girls were instructed to mind their “P’s and
Q’s” this evening because they were being watched. Apparently there was also
some dancer drama going on with about 4 different groups of girls arguing
over name calling, thievery, stealing customers, etc. So Satan really set us
up for a night of little conversation and awkward. But God still showed
up….because God ALWAYS shows up.

Bartender M was talkative as usual, but tonight her story was a little
different. After talking about being sick, her new boyfreind, and her weight
loss – she whispered to me that after she gets her tax papers….she is OUT
of this place. PRAISE GOD! She doesn’t want anyone to know yet, so please be
praying about her decision and that she sticks to it. Her decision is
currently based on “unfair treatment” from management, but we will continue
to pray that God works on her heart to quit because it is what is best for
her all around.

I saw one of tha gals (Sh) I used to talk to all the time. She yelled to me
from across the room and said she woul dbe over in a while. She seemed very
smiley and happy and it just breaks my heart every time she is on stage.  I
just can’t even glance that way or my stomach turns upside down. She is a
beautiful daughter of God that is simply squandering all of her life away
and giving herself over to the highest bidder.  She gets so much of her self
affirmation from the money and attention she gets from men. Please please
pray for her that the darkness begins to seem a little darker….because you
can’t possibly yearn for God’s light if you just don’t think you need it.

_Natalie Gassman reports:_

Last night, the God we love and serve demonstrated to me once again how
crazy He is. He knows I say that with reverence and a pinch of laughter, but
He’s well aware that He is unpredictable. The pizza was going over really
well and the girls were mostly hanging out in the dressing room. Sarah and I
met a girl who hadn’t been dancing there for very long, Sk. She was on a
break and sitting at one of the tables by herself, when that “tug” that I
knew all too well began itching at me to sit and talk with her. After
wrestling with it for about a minute or so, I caved in and sat with her. Sk
is 18 and from Louisville; she has a 2 year-old son that is currently in
foster care and she’s working to get custody of him. She shared with me that
she is looking to leave the club for a job in a medical office and currently
at JCC pursuing a degree in social work. I asked her what prompted her to
pursue social work and she responded “I’ve been there [she grew up in the
foster care system]and I want to do something about it. I want to really
help people.” It was hard to hold back throwing my arms around her! You know
that fruit of the Spirit called self-control? Yeah, the Holy Spirit totally
had me covered. =]She told me that she’s not sure when her last day is but
that it’ll be soon. Praise God.

_We have a new delivery team member that God has brought.   Lindsey has
been supportive of Scarlet Hope for a long time, but it wasn’t until
recently that God has been moving her out of her comfort zones into the
hands of the one who Loves her most!   This is her story below.  _

_Club 2:
_Team: Rachelle, Lindsey, Hannah

“Last night was the first time I have ever been in a strip club. It was
different than I expected, but only slightly. There were not that many
customers in the club and only 15 girls or so working. The club I am going
to be going into regularly is actually two clubs that are semi-connected. We
set our food up in one of the clubs then went to tell the other club food
was there for them. Only two girls followed me over there to get food but I
loaded up two plates of salad and cupcakes plus brought a whole pizza with
me back to the second club.

The girls in the first club were very responsive to us – they are used to
seeing women come every week to bring them food. The girls in the second
club, not so much. The two women that did follow us over there and back were
very chatty. The woman I connected with is 48 with five children. She has
been unemployed since November. She used to work at a restaurant but lost
her job when her sister suddenly past away. She also buried her other sister
in July of last year so she has a lot of tragedy in her life.

Come to find out this woman lives one street over from me on Jonquil Drive
in Jeffersonville. Last night was her first night in the club and she has
never worked at a club before. She is just struggling to make ends meet at
home and after applying at a lot of places in Jeffersonville with little
luck she ended up there at the club, dancing.

She had only made $4 since 7:30 and this was probably 10:00 when I started
talking to her. She is desperate, her water was just shut off. Her phone is
getting ready to be but I did get her phone number. She used to teach at
Floyd County Head Start. I asked her if she had any college class and she
does but can’t go back to school without having to start all over again
since it has been so long. I mentioned to her that she should go to Kelly
Services and apply to be a substitute teacher since they only require 20-40
college credit hours and she has that! Her truck has something wrong with it
but Scarlet Hope tries to help people with these kinds of issues. We are
going to try to get her down to Kelly Services this week to apply so she can
get out of the club!

Just be in prayer over these women in the club. They are just like you and
me…loved by an amazing heavenly Father. Jesus came to heal and be with the
broken. He came to save them. My prayer is that I will be His hands and feet
in continuing His purpose for coming here to Earth. – Lindsey

J the DJ from this Club told me this week he is getting the girls in the
club to collect can foods to give back to the food pantry at church.  He
said that was the least he could do and wanted to help some how.   Wow!
God’s glory WILL be shown no matter what!

Thank you for taking the time to share in our reports with us each week!
It is only by the power of God and your prayers and support that we are able
to keep moving forward.

_In His Name, Rachelle & The Scarlet Hope Team