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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry 71 – January 21st 2010

Matthew 10:16 Jesus said “Stay alert. This is hazardous work I’m assigning you. You’re going to be like sheep running through a wolf pack, so don’t call attention to yourselves. Be as cunning as a snake, inoffensive as a dove.” in today’s terms, we are to be street smart! A balance between wisdom and vulnerability. “He who receives you, receives me…Matthew 10:40”

Our nights in the clubs are such a wonderful experience!   It’s hard not to want to come home and write about every single thing!  We want to share the stories, ask for prayer and it brings us great Joy to be their voice to the church.  We do realize though that as Scarlet Hope grows it is going to be near impossible to condense everything to a journal entry.   The journal entries we know have become much longer; so in order to condense what we send out and still get our message out we have a blog.   If you are interested in reading more than the journal entry you can visit our blog at www.scarlethope.org on a daily basis, stories and testimonies will be posted.

For those who are praying for individuals in our ministry:  Our team was:

Our Security team is growing.  We have had 4 new guys join us over the past month and we are so thankful for them as well.

God really opened up a lot of doors tonight for conversations with the women.   Thursday night in both clubs we saw a lot of faces that looked exhausted, broken, and some that were happy because it was their birthday.

It gave us each on the team many opportunities to serve them, sit and talk with them.    We are merely a vessel to bring his Light and Love to the darkness of an industry that is growing even darker day by day.

To watch M the bartender from Club 1 look so broken and exhausted, you just want to show her HE gives us rest!  Jesus say’s come to me all those who are weary and I will give you rest!

Each week we go in we realize how much we are like these women.  A lot of day’s exhausted and tired as well.  But there’s one thing that makes us a different, a Loving Savior has entered our lives and we can find full strength and peace in Him.  We want them to desperately know our Lord like we do!

Praise and Prayer!

V – She is wrestling with God and her addiction with prescription pills.  The more she wants to know Him the harder the enemy tries to bring her down.

A – new dancer Valerie met.  She is desperately trying to look for a new job.

FA – We have started helping her apply for a new job as well.   God’s opening doors and she’s waiting to hear about a job at PetsMart on Monday.

VY – Dancer who has a criminal record that has prevented her from getting any other job except dancing.  She hates it and wants a way out.

B – Just lost her mom Christmas week.  She is grieving and is really lost and confused.  Please pray for her during this time.

D – Praise the Lord she found a new job at a hotel working in a restaurant.  After 14 years in the adult entertainment industry, D has taken that step that has freed her from this day to day darkness.   She is wanting to know more and more about the Lord!  God is powerful!

P – New dancer Kamille and Jessica met tonight.  Moved here from NY and is lonely and in need of a friend. She’s a single mom who expressed she does NOT want to dance anymore.

J – A girl that Valerie is talking with who say’s she Loves this industry.   She loves the women there, the hours, etc.  May we keep showing her what the true love of Christ is like.

We hope that you will follow us on our blog and read the stories and share in this ministry through prayer and support.

Rachelle & The Scarlet Hope Team