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Chief Operating Officer – Full Time


Chief Operating Officer  –  Posted May 26, 2017

Summary: The goal of the COO is to ensure the vision and mission are being carried out internally in the organization in a wise and fiscally responsible way.

The Chief Operating Officer at Scarlet Hope will be the internal staff leader of a vibrant and growing Christ centered ministry to women in the Adult Entertainment Industry. As we’ve grown over the last ten years, we’re at a point of pivotal growth where great internal leadership and management is needed. Scarlet Hope was founded by Rachelle Starr, who is a passionate visionary leader. The Chief Operating Officer will report directly to Rachelle (CEO & Executive Director) and will be responsible for carrying out the strategic vision of reaching women in the Adult Entertainment Industry.


  • Chief advisor to the Executive Director on all affairs of the organization.
  • You’ll work in partnership with the Executive Director to create the strategic plans annually and for future planning 3-5 years out.
  • Plan and implement new processes, approaches, and management to achieve it.
  • You’ll serve as the internal leader of the organization.
  • You’ll coordinate the annual operations plan and budget.
  • You’ll lead the performance process that measures and evaluates progress against goals for the organization and all staff.
  • You’ll provide a strong day to day leadership presence for internal staff; bridge ministry and Scarlet’s bakery operations and support an open door policy among all staff.
  • You’ll supervise day-to-day programs.
  • You’ll manage all programming directors holding them accountable to strategic plan.
  • You’ll oversee overall operations and administrations.


  1.   Supervise ministries day-to-day programs.
  • Our programs consist of Outreach, Discipleship & Career Development, Social Enterprise-Scarlet’s Bakery and our Network.  Each of these areas have directors and program leaders in which you will work with to ensure daily goals are being met and our mission is being fulfilled day to day.
  1.  Management of Staff
  • As the chief operating officer it will be your job to ensure the coaching and development of staff are being carried out.  Ensuring that each staff member has the resources that they need to carry out their area of ministry.   You will oversee the day to day needs that arise within the staff and help each team member meet their goals and are being held accountable for their area of ministry. You will oversee the hiring and training (retention) of all staff in the ministry.
  1.  Oversee ministry’s overall operations and administrations.
  • The goal of this responsibility is to ensure the ministry is being excellent stewards of our resources.  To take internal charge of activities within the ministry to make them efficient and effective. Ministry operations include, financials, programs, communication, policy, planning.

Education and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Training in Ministry related functions.
  • Must have led employees or teams for 2 or more years.  
  • Must be proficient in management and communication
  • Qualities:
    • Christ centered leadership
    • Loyal and trustworthy
    • Strategic and Focused
    • Humble & Servant Leader
    • Driven
    • Manager
    • Team Player
    • Clear communicator

This is a full time salaried position with benefits.  

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