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Get Involved in Orlando:

Why Orlando?


Adult entertainment industry establishments


Potential victims of exploitation & trafficking identified in Orlando


Florida's ranking for its number of active human trafficking cases per capita in America.


Sharing the hope & love of Jesus with exploited & trafficked women in Orlando…

Nearly 15 years ago, when I walked into a strip club for the first time, I was simply following the Lord’s direction. I gathered a group of women and their husbands, and we began praying and fasting for the Lord to open doors in our city! God never fails, and about 18 months after committing weekly to this prayer time, the Lord opened the first door to the clubs.

I believe God is already preparing the hearts of women in the industry in Orlando. He is passionate about these women and will move mountains for us to reach them!

With your help, we can bring our model of outreach, community, and discipleship to this city. To do this, we need prayer, volunteers, and funding. Please consider how God may be calling you to support our mission in Orlando.

Let’s go!
Rachelle Starr, Founder & President

Give hope to exploited
& trafficked women in Orlando

Support the Launch of Scarlet Hope in Orlando, Florida


Join our outreach team or inquire about other ways to serve. Contact us to get involved today!


Join us on a prayer drive around our city to ask God to help us bring the gospel
to the adult entertainment industry so that women may come to know Jesus. 

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