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7:54a.m. I received a call  “you’re never going to believe this…..hold onto your seat, I QUIT THE CLUBS!!!!”   After 22 years in the adult entertainment industry, V who so many of you have prayed for quit the clubs.

I could barely believe my ears and her excitement was through the roof!     I felt the need to email this out, because so many of you have prayed for V from Club 2 over the past year. We have brought her before our Father many many times and on a daily basis I think about the amazing things God has planned for V.

V told me this morning that God has been stirring in her life for a long long time, but it was with the help of our teams that go into the clubs, that God got her to a point where he wanted to reveal himself to her.  He did that on Friday night at the club!   She said she knows that God closed this door in her life, and is joyfully awaiting the opening of what door HE has next for her!     She said “isn’t God a pretty slick God, how he works?!”  🙂

We know that though this wonderful happy time in V’s life she is weak.   The enemy will come in and do everything he can to draw her back into his darkness!   But we know God is more powerful than anything!

So this week:   Please pray for V.
– She will be going into rehab on Friday for a detox program.
– Pray she can continue to hear God’s voice and follow where he leads her.
– Pray for the enemy to stay far far away from her
– Pray that her needs through this time will be met and provided for.
– Pray she will have a peace that God is in control and He will make a way for her!

Loving Him,
Rachelle Starr & The Scarlet Hope Team