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Scarlet Hope – Journal #72

February 4th 2010

I want to share a little bit with you from our SH devotion before we set out to the clubs.

“I’m only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something, and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do that something I can do.”
–Helen Keller

The plain and simple truth is that each and every one of us only get one shot at this life. We aren’t guaranteed a certain number of days, so we must decide today what we will give our lives to. So the question is, will we choose to live a life of love in service to others or will we refuse to do our part because we feel we can’t make a big enough difference? One person has the ability to make a profound difference!

So what will you give your life to? It might be easy or feel like the religious thing to do to say we’re going to give it to God, but I’m asking that you take it into your everyday lives. What are you going to give your everyday actions to?

Can I tell you what the power of the Gospel is? Love. Nothing else! Love is the power of the Gospel. It is the highest form of spiritual warfare that we can do. One person—one—totally committed, dedicated and submitted to God makes hell tremble. So just think what a bunch of “ones” can do.

More from this devo will be on the blog in the next few days.

Tonight was anything but usual.   We started out with several new members on our team.   It’s been awesome introducing new faces to these women and bringing refreshing spirits to the clubs!

Jessica, Mandy, Brittani and Jenny set out for Club 1.     Lately in this club there have been few things to report.  We are aware that God may have us continuing in this club for the purpose of planting seeds through serving them out of love.   Not a lot of conversations are taking place and for awhile now we have felt this club has taken a turn for the worse.

I want to briefly share what a couple of them wrote:

Mandy L. Writes: “While there may have been nothing to report, it reminded me all the more how much this ministry needs to be bathed and completely soaked in prayer…CONSTANTLY.  Last night we all left feeling just a little discouraged.  The girls didn’t come out much to talk, and the club was so slow, so the few who were working stayed in the back or in the DJ booth and far from us. The devil is clearly at work here, and sometimes I wonder if we need nights to discourage us just to encourage us to get on our knees even more.  So let our moments of discouragement be a reminder to pray and plead for Jesus’ light to shine through us and for us to have more boldness.  And let them be a reminder of how desperately these girls are worshiping gods of money, self, momentary pleasure, attention, or whatever else it may be–and then pray for them to have open, willing hearts to reach out for the God they need.”

Jenny’s first night in the club: “After last night, my mind seemed to just be going a thousand miles a minute. I kept thinking about the ministry and just ministry in the sex industry in general. I just felt so overwhelmed with the need and kept asking myself, “what else could be done?” Ironically, I read an article yesterday about ministry in the sex industry, and a woman made a comment about how when American’s get involved in ministering to the sex industry, they “react” instead of “think”. I felt the temptation last night while I was going to bed to “react” with all of these ideas that came into my mind to minister to these clubs. I want to be disciplined enough to, instead, “think” about this need first and the “act” on where God takes my thoughts and prayers. I am excited about how my experience with Scarlet Hope will grow me to live like this.”

Praise and Prayer for Club 1:

Praise, God is keeping this door open for a reason at this club and we are continued to be welcomed back time and time again.  Each time we enter that dark place, is an opportunity for HIS light to shine!  Praise God!

M – (she’s a bartender)  Needs prayer for her back pain. For the most part she was in good spirits. Pray that we can continue to be a light to her. She is one of the only ones who will sit and talk with us. May we continue to be a listening ear but that God will present the opportunity to show His love more and to share His Word.

C – Pray that she stays strong while looking for a job.  It’s tiresome, but she desperately wants a new job. We’re working with her on that.

– The team needs prayer for doors to open to be able to talk with the girls more.   Pray that if we are only the seed that God will put someone else in their path to help sow the harvest. Pray that when the opportunity presents itself and the time is right to converse with the girls that God will guide us in our conversations so we can share His Word and to be bold in our ministry.

Lindsey D. Carrie K. and Rachelle set out for Club 2.   God is really moving in both of these clubs.   We’ll label them Club 2a and Club 2b.

Carrie’s first night in the club, she writes: “My first night with the Scarlet Hope team was truly inspirational.  The will to seek out girls that are in need of friendship was an intimidating concept. I thought I might be nervous, but oddly enough I was not. After I saw how things went I felt so much better about what I needed to do, and how I can do it.  I was so encouraged when the girls were so excited about what was on the menu, I knew I  was at the right place.

One girl asked me if I was a church lady.  Well, then Lyndsay jumped in to the rescue.  “We’re just friends who want to be here”  Wow, thanks!  The Avon Lady provided me with the tools to start a conversation with Brooke who did not want to talk, nor for me to know her name.  But once the ice was broken she talked and laughed with me.  That was nice.  She is a hard girl I can tell who is NOT trusting.  I hope I get to see her again and really get to talk.  We talked about surface things.  All her piercings and how each one hurt worse than the other.  How the line up of the dancers worked, and how there were sooo many dancers on one night.  She said, “man they keep coming out of the wood work”.  Frustrated that she would make less money.  “Less time to dance”

At the end of the night and it was time to clean up, one girl gave us a ring sucker.  That small gesture was so profound that I knew that there was good there, and good that needed to be done.  I am encouraged that I may be able to help in a small way.”

Rachelle writes: Club 2a was slow.   But the girls were hungry and definitely wanted to eat with us.   D the general manager came up to where we serve the food and talked with us a long long time.   He told us about his new guitar hobby.  He said his life is just made up of sleeping, and working.  D has such a look on his face that causes me to think he is sick of this work.   Pray with us that God might open a door for him to walk away from this sinful life.

Several awesome conversations were had and our time in both clubs were very moving.   However in Club 2b for me I talked with the DJ, J.   I don’t know that I’ve met a more desperate person.   Wow!   If you heard his story you would be amazed he’s even alive!    But God has saved this man’s life for a reason.   See, J used to be a pimp.  He used to prostitute women out and sell cocaine.  He got married 4 years ago and tried to get his life right.   When J learned his wife would be facing a prison sentence of 20 years he got back in the club scene.    After a long talk with J, I asked him if he was happy.   He got real uncomfortable and said “no…no I’m not, I hate waking up every morning not knowing whether or not I’m going to eat today, I hate waking up and having to walk 2 miles to catch the bus, I hate working this scene, I hate it that I feel like something is missing”

At this point in the conversation I don’t think God could of given me a better opportunity to minister to J.   I told J about God’s redeeming Love for HIM.   How God wants to forgive J’s sin’s and loves him no matter all of the horrible choices he’s made.   We talked about Christ’s death on the cross and how he loved us that much!     He listened to every word.   He hung on every word…not my word, but God’s words!   J asked lots of questions about the bible and if it was real and why he should believe in Jesus and not someone else.

I can tell you J went away that night thinking about Jesus.   Please pray for J!    Pray that we can connect him to some godly men that will lift him and help show him the Love of Christ!

Praise and Prayer for Club 2:

V – Bartender Club 2a.   She has checked herself into a 30 day rehab program, starting next Friday.   She is asking for lots of prayer.   She’s scared and nervous.  But God can overcome her addictions!

JO– The DJ Club 2a.   Has an opportunity for a new position that would be awesome for him.  Please pray he is able to get an interview!

H – Lindsey is working with her and her 5 kids.   Pray that their relationship continues to grow and H will be open to learning more about Christ.

BT – Sweet young girl that always gives us hugs and tells us how much we mean to her!    She told us Thursday that she can’t wait to get out of the clubs.

– Please just keep all of the lives in this club in your prayers.    We cry out to God on their behalf that he may bring them to a point where they will come to know HIM!

Thank you for your continued support!

Loving Him,

Rachelle & The Scarlet Hope Team