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Week of January 7th – No Scarlet Hope Journal Entry

Scarlet Hope was canceled for the first time in a year and half due to the weather conditions here in Kentuckiana.   It was a tough call, but it felt like the right one to make after lots of prayer and thought.

I thought I would take this entry to update you on a few things with Scarlet Hope.

We are really excited to share that we have applied for our official 501c3 status.    Please pray that they will give us the stamp of approval and we will be able to raise funds and continue helping and reaching these women (tax free:).   I plan on sharing the vision of Scarlet Hope with you each in the next couple of weeks.   God is doing unbelievable things and much of it has to do with each one of your prayers and support!   God is working in abundant ways!    Always Glory to Him!!

The Christmas deliveries are still going on.   The Jeffersonville Fire Department donated boxes of food to Scarlet Hope and we’ve been able to not only deliver presents to women that aren’t in the clubs anymore, but we were able to give them wonderful big boxes of food.   They were all so excited and grateful!

A few of the girls that we have been working with now that they have left the clubs we deliver in are.  D who was from Club 2.   AX from Club 1 with 2 little boys.  M from Club 1 with 2 kids.   C from Club 1 with 1 little boy.  B from Club 1.

D – Ariana the baby, D was in the middle of adopting got taken back with her biological mother the same week she got fired from the club.  She has sense then got another job as a manager at another club, which we are praying about delivering in that club as well.   I have been able to share a little bit about SH with D and what the whole picture looks like.   I received a text from her today that asked if she could help us.   She told me she wanted to share her story to help other people.   She also called and asked me today if we could help get her her GED because she wants to go to school to be a Vet.  She has been talking to me for hours about how excited it is that she has HOPE to get out of this industry and do something with her life.   She is 37 so going back to school will be a challenge.  But God has given us great resources to be able to help her see this thru.    God is working heavily in her heart and she is asking questions and I pray that she continues to follow what her heart is prompting her to do.

AX and B are sisters.  They both aren’t working right now in the clubs.   They just lost there mom 3 days before Christmas.  It was very unexpected and their mom was only 42.   They are dealing with a lot right now.  There dad is not in the picture and B moved to Texas to go to culinary art school.   AX is trying to get by going to school and working full time while raising 2 kids.   Please pray for healing through this very heart wrenching time.

We have another dancer that has left Club 2.  ME.   She is currently living with one of our delivery team members and I want to ask for special prayer for both of them.  This will be a growing and challenging time.  But God is using these ladies to love these broken women in ways I’m sure they didn’t even expect.  So please lift both of them up.

These updates are just a few of the girls we are working with, but I thought I would write a few each week and share them with you.

I hope everyone is staying safe in this snow (if you live in this area)  and having a beautiful wintery season!

All for His Glory,

Rachelle Starr & The Scarlet Hope Team