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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry #69 – December 31st 2009

James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of lights, with whom can be no variation, nor turning shadow”

Since it was new years eve night and there were only 5 of us delivering in the clubs total, we all decided to visit both clubs. It was an extra special night for us to be able to go to both clubs and see all the girls at both clubs! So we backed our cars with presents, burritos with all the fixins, homemade brownies, and headed out.
Club 1
The girls went crazy over the Mexican food that we brought to the club this past thursday night. We saw J the manager and said Merry Christmas to him. We haven't seen him around very much in the past few months. We saw some other dancers that were not working last week when we brought the gifts so we all got to give out some more gifts to the girls and gave more stalkings out to some other male staff that were there.
Just a few updates in this club. Â S has a mother who in the past few months has been experiencing uncontrollable seizures lately, and catching up with her this week, she said her mom is still having the seizures and the doctors still do not know why. She asked if we could still keep praying for her moms health
M the talkative bartender we always share about, is looking for a crib. Her sister just had a baby and they are in great need for a crib so if any of you have a crib or know of anyone with one, please contact us asap.
Club 2

It was fairly busy in the club on this New years eve night. All the girls lined up as usual. Also at this club were a few girls who were not there last week when we brought all of the Christmas gifts! So we took a count and brought in more presents out of the car inside. C almost had a heart attack when we gave her a gift for herself and her 2 year old daughter. She said “You know, you ladies are the ONLY people who gave me a gift at ALL this year.” She said it meant even more that we thought of her daughter and got her daughter something because she couldn't afford much this year. Can you believe that friends? It absolutely breaks my heart to think that these ladies have no one to share Christmas with.
Later Jessica and I went to the middle club and had a great conversation with another newer girl “J”. She told us the same thing that NO ONE got her anything for Christmas and that we were the only people who got her anything. She is an adopted child with her birth family in PA and her adopted parents on the other side of the country. She knows no one in Louisville except her ex husband which is why she moved her. To reconcile their marriage. But He has been unfaithful to her on numerous accounts so she is just “existing ” in Louisville right now. She just sleeps and dances. Pray that our friendship grows with her an we can all hang out with her outside the club,
I had the opportunity to pray with a very broken dancer in one of the VIP rooms right before we left. It was an incredible experience to pray in a room that satan usually rip these women down, not build them up. You could just feel her desperation for God and as we prayed together. I know she felt the Holy Spirit last night. She dug her fingers into my arms and just teared up. With the stench of Alcohol on her breath, she very emotionally spilled her whole story out to me. Shes an ex drug addict. Shes been dancing since shes was 18. Shes nearly 40 now. She has 3 kids. 12,8, and 4. She is in a very dis functional relationship. Her boyfriends ex-wife and children are living with them and she said she is just falling apart. Please cover these women in prayer that Satan will not attack them or control them or destroy them like he has been.
It was wonderful to just catch up with a lot of the usual ladies we see every week and be able to start the new year together with our hearts in the right spot. Its not about us. Its all about Him! Everything we do is for Him and there is nothing better than seeing the work of the spirits hand in these womens hearts and what he has done in our hearts over the past year. It has drastically changed my life and showed me even more of how my life should look and that I “have” way too much! Thank u for your prayers and for everyone who takes the time to read this. This is a serious battle we are intrusted with! I am so excited to see what God is going to do it 2010 with Scarlet Hope and all who are involved!
Loving and Serving,
Hannah and the Delivery Team