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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry #66 – December 17th 2009

“And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for him, to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins, because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven” Luke 1:76-78

Club 1:

Reporting: Valerie S.

Team: Jessica L., Amy B.

So last night I went with the group who went to Club One.  It was incredibly slow!  I think there were maybe two patrons in the club the entire time we were there.  Even with no one really inside the girls still had to go up and dance, even tho they weren't dancing for anyone… 🙁

Last night we had yummy fried chicken, corn and green beens, Rolls, and red velvet cake!!  everyone who ate loved it!  With the club being so slow non of the girls stayed out and ate with us.  It almost seemed like they came, got their plates, and then ran back into the dressing room, trying to stay away from us.  I'm not sure what the Lord is doing in these girl's hearts that Satan feels he needs to hid them from us…but BRING IN ON SATAN!!!!  I KNOW who will win this battle, and IT'S NOT GUNNA BE YOU!!!!

So, needless to say we didn't really get to have any conversations with any of the girls.  There was one  girl who while she was getting her plate said how sweet we all were to continually be bringing them food every week.  She said how she couldn't believe there were people who would do that.  I responded and said that we just want them to know there is a God who loves them, and how much they deserve to be and feel loved. So we come to show our love for them!  She had the biggest smile on her face after that and said that we should come by some time to just hang out with them on a night we don't bring food.  (i think that's a really good idea by the way! I think it will just be another way to brake down the barriers, so maybe they become comfortable enough to hang out with us outside of the club). Anyway, after that very short convo we had while i was making her plate up, she went straight to the back with the other girls.

Please continue to be in prayer for these girls during this Holiday season!  Also please pray for the men working in the club, and the men who are going to the clubs!  They all feel the need to go for a reason, just pray that God will be able to fill their void this Christmas!!!

Thanks! God Bless
-V 🙂

Club 2

Reporting: Rachelle S.

Team: Sarah F., Mandy L.

A week and a day before Christmas and the Club was busy. It was a beautiful thing to watch all the girls come up get in line and eat with us. There were a lot of girls and they LOVED the meal. Homemade corn and green beans, fried chicken, rolls and delicious cake.

One of the girls that I've never met before SQ said “I just want to let you know that I appreciate you all every week you come in here…..” she said “every week I'm never hungry, but when I remember you all are coming in I get the biggest appetite. She said I become so hungry…” It was sweet words to hear because we know that hunger is not just an appetite for food, but something so much more….the Love of Jesus.

I have noticed lately especially around this time how much we fill this constant void in our lives with things. All of the girls have been working tons of overtime to be able to buy their kids different gifts.

One of the dancers said she bought her little girl a mini moped for kids. She is soooo excited to be able to give that to her daughter. She told me she's been saving for a long time to be able to get that.

S was working and I was able to talk with her for awhile. She told me how her mom took her daughter away from her because she stole some money. Her sister just recently had a baby that came out addicted to heroin and through the last few months they have been detoxing the baby and he just now was able to go home from the hospital. Please pray for this baby that God loves. It's developing extremely slow and is having a hard time.

The girls are excited for our Christmas in the Club next week and so are we! We are so greatful for everyone's donations to make this possible to be able to give gifts to each women and child and we are planning on having an amazing meal as well!

This Christmas season remember that God sent his Son into this world to redeem those broken, those deemed unlovely and those who don't know Him. He loves them so much and we get to share that with these beautiful children of God this Christmas! Praise our Father!

Sarah got to talk with M in the club. She was done working at the club, but was waiting on her husband to pick her up. While she was waiting she came over and got all of the girls on the other side plates to eat. Sarah told her that it was really sweet of her to serve the other girls. M told her that she bought all of the girls gifts for Christmas and Sarah told her that really thoughtful. M told her that she loves buying and doing things for people and doesn't expect anything in return. Not a lot of people have that mentality and it was humbling to hear it from a dancer who works so hard for so little trying to provide for her family.

Merry Christmas,

Rachelle & The Scarlet Hope Team