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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry #64 – December 3rd 2009

“Therefore Jesus said again, “I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep. I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”- John 10:7, 9-10

Club 1:
Reporting: Hannah D.
Team: Allyson H., Kamille B., Mandy L.

It was a very cold Thursday night and what is better than Hot chili and corn bread to warm up their bodies. Sometimes I never know what is going to happen each time we go. But all we care about is that we show up and love these women at any possible opportunity. It is such a humbling privilege just to serve! There are no words to describe the joy that we feel when we get hugged and kissed every week by Gods “beautifully broken” daughters.

There is not a whole lot to report about the evening accept that there were probably 20 girls working total which was really good to see all of them. One really sweet thing happened where a new dancer from the bar side, came over to get food from us. She had never seen us before. There was a dancer in front of her in line who turned around and said,”The food is always good and these are the sweetest ladies you will ever meet in your whole life!” The new dancer shyly said hello to us then tried to give us $2 to pay for her food. We told her that we couldnt accept it and that we love them and will be there every week! Little things like that make me want to cry sometimes.
;’They all went crazy for the dinner but then hurried and ate their dinners and returned to work. It seemed like it was “business night at the club” because there were a lot of men there in business attire. I haven’t ever seen that many men of that status there before. Club 1 is changing a lot and attracting all kinds of new clients. Our hearts just break for these women. Please continue to pray that we can build deeper friendships with these women outside of the club.
Lastly, an update on the dancer T, I have shared with you folks about in the past. She works at club 2. She has recently just gone through some terrible terrible incidents and she desperately needs prayer. T is 21 and is the one who is 6 months pregnant who wants to get out of the club and has at one time been homeless. T called me today barely able to talk and crying. She told me that Sunday night, she was leaving her apartment to go to Kroger, when a man came out of nowhere and punched her in the face and broke her jaw while knocking her unconscious. It turns out the man thought “she was someone else”. She went to the hospital for 4 day and had surgery on her face. Now she cannot work, she’s 6 months pregnant and about to see her apartment. She sold her food stamps last week just to pay part of her rent. She says she doesn’t even have money to by food now. She is at a very low point in her life and is scared of being a single mom, Please lift this young lady up in your prayers and let me know if you feel lead and want to help her with any baby items or other needs that may come up this Christmas. 760-333-0856. All these ladies are desperate for love. Just like all of us are. We all need love.
Love Hannah

Club 2

Reporting:  Rachelle S.
Team:  Jessica L., Amy B., Natalie G.

Tonight was Chili and oddly enough ice cream sundae night!   It was a perfect night for the chili as it started to get really chilly outside.   It brought a good dose of warmth to the ladies hearts.

It was abnormally loud once again in the club, but I have noticed several things that drive that.   The more patrons that are in the club, the more girls they put on the schedule.  The more girls and patrons they have the louder the music goes and the more drinks the men buy.  There was one man in the club who was completely drunk dancing around.   I saw him buying drinks for girls left and right.   That sadly is how most of them make their money at this particular club.  Selling drinks.   One of the dancers told me that a lot of times when the man has gotten drunk and he’s buying the girls drinks the bartender will start putting water in the girls shot glasses instead of alcohol.   To keep them from getting drunk.

I am learning a lot about the world of addiction and seduction.   This is the world they live in.   One that the enemies hands and feet are all over!    God’s relentless love can save them from this pit of hell…it takes God’s people choosing to

We talked to one of the DJ’s JO for awhile last night. He is very very concerned about one of the girls in the club, because she has thrown her life down the drain he say’s going to a methadone program.  He said she needs some spiritual intervention.    The only problem is she doesn’t have a home, car or phone so it makes it very difficult to get together with her because she sleeps at different friends houses.   She ONLY works at the club to support this program.

Since it was very busy in the club we didn’t get a lot of time to talk to the girls.  But we met several new dancers and served them plates.
When we were getting ready to leave one of the girls pulled me to the side and said “i am so embarrassed about last week…?”  I said for what?  she answered “when you all came in last week I was so drunk, I didn’t even know what I was doing….” she said “she is so embarrassed and never wants us to see her like that again.. I told her  “girl, we don’t remember the bad parts about you, we remember how much we want to Love you and care for you….”  She gave me a kiss on my cheek and hugged me really tight.    It was a precious moment.

Quick update on a few of the girls from this club.

D – Arianna has been taken back by her birth mother.  It was a horribly sad situation that came up about a week and half ago.   The birth mother took her back the night before D was to get full custody of her in court.    We do not have any idea where Arianna is.   The mother did not have a home or car when she took her back and she hasn’t been seen since.   Please please please pray for Arianna.
D also lost her job at the club after 13 years. So D is looking for a job.   If you know of any jobs please contact me right away.

RX -  Got fired from the club as well.  She has been on the run for 9 months and is wanting to turn herself in.  She has a 2 year old little boy in Indianapolis that she wanted to go and see before she turned herself in because she knows she is going to be in jail for awhile.   So she was supposed to be seeing him this week and then she asked me if I would take her to jail tomorrow morning.   Please pray for this situation.  It’s something that breaks every piece of my heart listening to the whole story and knowing that she just desperately needs Love and help.

God is allowing us to stay in contact with a lot of girls that ‘USED’ to work in this industry.   Some still do they just move to different clubs, but several of them are looking for new jobs or have gotten a new job.    Please continue to pray for them.

Loving Him,
Rachelle & The Scarlet Hope Team