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Scarlet Hope – Journal Entry #56 – October 8th 2009

So, friends, take a firm stand, feet on the ground and head high. Keep a tight grip on what you were taught, whether in personal conversation or by our letter. May Jesus himself and God our Father, who reached out in love and surprised you with gifts of unending help and confidence, put a fresh heart in you, invigorate your work, enliven your speech.

Club 1 – Reporting: Sarah F.  Team: Rachelle, Kamille, Valerie
The club was pretty busy last night – lots of customers compared to usual! The food was well-received as everyone seems to like ribs and potatoes…good ‘ole country cooking. I love the look on their faces when we pull back the silver tray cover to reveal the home-cooked food. “Wow! – we are eating some REAL food tonight!” Although the conversations were few because the dancers were pretty busy, we feel like the Holy Spirit is definitely working in the hearts of some of our friends in Club 1.

Valerie had several good conversations. One of the managers, B, talked to her about “other dimensions” and galaxies beyond our own. He also made a joke about how we (referring to the women) were made out of ribs! (Since we brought ribs for dinner)  He, of course, was referring to the literal interpretation of God making Eve out of Adam’s rib. He had told Rachelle in previous conversation that he was a minister. So please be praying that whatever relationship he had with God is being grown and/or repaired. Also please be praying for dancer R, who is a preacher’s daughter, that she opens up more and gets to be more comfortable around us when we go in the club. She’s hot and cold when it comes to us! Dancer L has an 11 month old baby and is currently pursuing a GED, so also keep her in mind when you are praying for the dancer’s who are looking for a way out of the club scene.

Kamille talked with bartender M about her family life situation. She seems to work and continues to see no wrong in working there. She said last night that she would dance again if she had to, but she doesn’t really want to if she can avoid it. She also spoke about how the private dances worked. Not all the details are pertinent to report, but one in particular was startling to us. Apparently some of the dances also include a take-home porno DVD. This is concerning because it continues to “feed” the sexual addiction by keeping the customer consumed at home as well.

Rachelle spoke with S – a very outspoken dancer that entered into the area “Queen” contest. She traveled the area dancing at many clubs and did some unspeakable things to earn the title and she did it for FREE. Please pray for this daughter of God who is finding affirmation in the flesh of this world instead of through God.

When we were leaving the club a dancer TR came to me for no other reason than just to chat. She had already eaten and said her belly was full but that she would take some home for later. TR has been at the club since before our first night over a year ago and has been a tough one to get to know. Most night’s she seems totally uninterested in conversation but last night we talked about working out, nutrition, body image issues, and how busy the club is around the holidays. She mentioned that Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the busiest days of the year, but that she spends time with her family instead of working. I got her number and said that we would call her next time we all got together to hang out! Thank God for some real conversation with her!

Club 2:  Hannah reporting:  Team Allison, Jessica and Ruthie
Awesome awesome night is all I can say. Thank you again to everyone who has been praying for us. God is answering prayers everyday in this ministry. WE have talked before about how sometimes it is really hard to connect with the girls at this club because the music is always blaring loud which makes it hard to connect. We met a few new girls and had some awesome conversations!

Ruthie and I had an awesome conversation with V regarding a friend of hers who was addicted to Meth and is now sober. V went into great detail about how she cares for her friend so much and is so glad she is now sober, but her friend is draining her to extreme measures because she needs so much support and help right now. V said she is drained from helping her friend and is overwhelmed because she has her own problems and kids to deal with in her own life right now. Ruthie and I asked how we could also help her help her friend and she had expressed how her friend just got a studio apartment and has no furniture at all. So if any of you folks have any kitchen tables, coffee tables, lamps, side tables, tv, home decor, ect, please contact me 760.333.0856 and we will come pick it up from you.
Ruthie also said that V’s son woke her up Thursday morning and said “mom are the church ladies coming tonight to your work?”  She said yes they’ll be there…he said “will you tell them thank you for sending home sweets for me”  I thought that was the sweetest thing it brought so much joy to know that through a cookie God can be seen!  Love it!
I met a new girl “K” who has only been dancing there 4 days. K has 4 children. She is 25 years old. She works at a UPS store during the day and has been dancing at night because her children’s dad is very abusive and is 44 years old and is nowhere in the picture. She didn’t go into detail but she said that he “did not treat her right” and was very bad to her. I told her I was so sorry that he mistreated her and that we love her and God loves her and we want to help her and she deserves the best. I got her number and she said she wants to go to dinner Tuesday night with all of us ladies. We are trying to plan another “girls night out” this Tuesday so please keep that day in your prayers that Satan would have no control over them or that date and that nothing will come in the way of them being available to come hang out with us. So far 4 dancers have confirmed. V said she wants to try and come, and there is another girl “c” that we have been building a friendship with who said she wants to try and come too. God is so big and mighty and glorious and gracious! All praise and glory are to Him. We are all so unqualified to do this and we know that we are desperate for his guidance and direction in every step.

Loving and Serving Him,
Sarah and Hannah & The Scarlet Hope Team