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5,000 women working in strip clubs in the State of Kentucky:

27 clubs around the Louisville area:

73% of women in prostitution have been raped more than five times.

Melissa Farley, from “Prostitution and Trafficking in Nine Countries: An Update on Violence and Post traumatic Stress Disorder”

85% of women in the sex industry were sexually abused as children

Alegria, M., Vera, M., Freeman, D., Robles, R., Santos, M., & Rivera, C., (1994).  HIV infection, risk behaviors, and depressive symptoms among Puerto Rican sex workers.  American Journal of Public Health, 84(12), 2000-2002.

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The average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years

(M.H. Silbert and A.M. Pines, 1982, “Victimization of street prostitutes, Victimology: An International Journal, 7: 122-133) or 14 years (D.Kelly Weisberg, 1985, Children of the Night: A Study of Adolescent Prostitution, Lexington, Mass, Toronto). Most of these 13 or 14 year old girls were recruited or coerced into prostitution. Others were “traditional wives” without job skills who escaped from or were abandoned by abusive husbands and went into prostitution to support themselves and their children. (Denise Gamache and Evelina Giobbe, Prostitution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation, National Coalition against Domestic Violence, 1990)