Collaboration is key

We collaborate with other ministries to share resources and encourage one another in our mission to reach women in the adult entertainment industry.

Supporting one another through ministry

We are eager to help other ministries across the world to share the gospel with women in the adult entertainment industry. We know first-hand how hard and isolating this kind of ministry can be, and we want to encourage other ministries in their mission by sharing resources, encouraging leaders, and providing an opportunity to fellowship with other people who are also on the frontlines of ministry. We do this primarily by hosting two retreats each year. These retreats not only provide a time to share new ideas and learn from one another, they are also a time to rest, process, fellowship, and hear from God.

October 14-17


Our Network Care & Development Retreats are for strip club outreach ministries who are looking to learn new strategies and best practices for reaching women in the adult entertainment industry, meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals, and enjoy some self-care and personal time with the Lord.

Join us for this 3-day retreat held in Louisville, KY to refresh your spirit and get new ideas to further your mission.

Avoid burnout and take advantage of our upcoming retreat!