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Bakery Internship

Job Title: Bakery Development Intern

Department: Scarlet’s Bakery

Reports To: Business Development Director, Scarlet’s Bakery.

Reports To: Business Development Director, Scarlet’s Bakery

Scarlet’s Bakery will be opening Fall of 2015. We are currently seeking a Bakery Development Intern to help prepare for the opening and assist operationally once the bakery is open. Scarlet’s Bakery will be a Christ-centered, social enterprise devoted to teaching transferable job skills that help exploited women overcome adversity and achieve financial freedom through offering delectable, homemade baked goods via our retail location, online store, and catering service.

Position Timeline: August-December 2015

Primary Duties: Primary responsibilities for this positions are understanding and implementing projects surrounding baking and administrative requests. The Bakery Development Intern will assist the Business Development Director in testing recipes, prepping and cleaning the commercial kitchen, baking orders, shopping for supplies, transporting baked goods, some social media posts, promoting the new bakery, and additional administrative duties. Other tasks will include monitoring for correct weight, time, and temperatures while performing quality assurance inspections on ingredients and mixtures. The Bakery Development Assistant will be an unpaid, full-time internship with hours varying throughout the week between the commercial kitchen and office setting. The schedule will follow 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday, until the bakery is open. Then the schedule will follow bakery operational hours, 7am-3pm Wednesday-Friday and 8am-3pm Saturday and Sunday.

Skills Required:

-Comfortable with using all kitchen equipment, previous experience in a professional kitchen setting preferred but not required.
-Knowledge of best practices for cooking, baking and cleaning.
-Experience in social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
-Good driving skills.
-Ability to multi-task and work well under pressure and strict deadlines.
-Basic math skills including the ability to convert measurements and yields in recipes.
-Skilled in Mac operating systems.
-Can create and organize various professional documents including but not limited to menus, presentations, and invoices.
-Easily tracks purchases and organizes receipts.

Educational Requirements:

-High School Diploma or GED
-At least 2 semesters of college completed (24 hours of college credit)

Physical Requirements:

This position requires standing, bending, walking, and repetitive movement. This person must be able to life 50lbs.

Scarlet's Bakery Internship

Instructions: This is Part 1 of your application. Please fill it out completely! After your form is completed and submitted you will receive an email with further instructions about Part 2.

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