“I have often attempted to find hope in my own plans, dreams, and strivings.” – L

A natural temptation for anyone is to find his or her identity in a job. Women who work in the adult entertainment industry are no different. It is their career, their livelihood, and the place where they spend most of their time and energy. The way the women view themselves is often heavily affected by their success in the workplace. Success can be defined by how well-liked they are, the image they are portraying, how much money they are making, and more.

For many of us, when work is going well, we feel like we have a purpose and an identity, and when it isn’t going as we think it should, hopelessness and despondency often follow.

The Scarlet Hope Career Development Program exists to help women transition out of the adult entertainment industry. We do this by offering them the opportunity to experience the life-changing love and grace of Jesus through bible study, prayer, and surrounding them with Christian community. We also help with their transition by offering counseling and a wide array of classes that help increase their emotional, physical, educational, spiritual, and financial stability. Finally, the goal of the Career Development Program is that all of the women in the program will gain the life and job skills necessary to function and retain meaningful employment.

We desire to see women like L come to know that they have a much greater value than what they do at work. At the same time, we want to equip them to achieve the goals they have for themselves because we believe they can!

Our friend L went on to tell us, “Broken dreams and unfulfilled hopes have caused my soul’s desires to be crushed and then reoriented around the True and Living Hope.” Although it’s slow and steady, every single day, we are seeing women in the Career Development Program come to find their hope and identity in Jesus Christ!

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